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Company sends gross used product (was an X-Mas gift), what to do?

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  • Dec 23rd, 2016 8:08 pm
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Oct 22, 2004
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Company sends gross used product (was an X-Mas gift), what to do?

I don't want to name any names yet, but I bought a Bamix immersion blender for $170+tax+express shipping because it was a Christmas gift. Let me say that this is a fairly large established company, not an Ebay seller or anything like that.

This is the nasty state it showed up in. It looks like I bought it at Value Village. This was being sold as a brand new product.

-The box is in awful shape with cuts and rips. Notice the scotch tape on the first image.
-The product was thrown in pieces loosely in the box which I'm sure it does not ship like brand new.
-The bag for the mixer is in the box under everything, not even on the mixer.
-There is a brown food stain on the manual.
-There are fingerprints all over the plastic cup.
-There is a MISSING part (the lid that goes on the plastic cup).

I contacted the company and the CS rep told me first that they can't replace it before the new year, but would send a "better" model in its place. Supposedly this item is now out of stock, and the one I was shipped was a return that was supposed to go back to Bemix. The thing is that the model they're offering is a more basic version that's actually cheaper if bought from Amazon.

So I counter offered that they send me a model that's actually better, but costs $250 + tax on their site.

He is like "I can't do that because of the higher cost of the item, but I can give it to you for $200 but it won't be available until the new year" (remember, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift). He said that would be an extra $25 but I'm not even sure where that figure comes from.

If this was 6 months ago I would have probably just accepted it because the $250 model is a lot better, but remember, this is now a completely botched Christmas gift, plus I have to go through the hassle of returning the old one.

Any advice on what to do? I don't want to name the company yet because I do believe this was an honest mistake on their part. I feel like it's so tacky of them to ask me for an extra $25 considering they ruined a Christmas gift like this. I certainly don't want to give them any more of my money. No matter what, it won't be arriving for weeks at this rate.
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Nov 28, 2007
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I don't believe consequential damage can be a consideration for the seller. OP emphasizes it was a Christmas gift. That's important to the buyer but not the seller.
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Feb 28, 2005
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Let me guess... AirMiles ? (aka LoyaltyOne, whose parent company is Alliance Data)

According to your phrasing, it's either a shipping error or they decided to do a substitution. Neither is acceptable, but mistake do happen either way.

If it's in exchange for airmiles which you want to get rid of, just want for the same-item NEW replacement.

If you paid real money for it, just return it and buy elsewhere?
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Sep 19, 2002
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Ship it back for a refund. But another gift today.

Thread is kinda pointless. The company rep already gave you the answer. It's logistically impossible for them to ship another unit in time for Christmas.
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Mar 9, 2007
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Mar 14, 2005
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Return the blender and wait for the replacement. In the meantime, chill out as this type of inconvenience happens all the time to the rest of us -- that's life! If u don't want to wait for the replacement, go out and buy something else for a xmas present.
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Dec 19, 2009
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OMG Christmas is ruined .. because of a blender.


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