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Locked: Complete Forum Rules & Tips - Read Before Posting

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Jun 17, 2013
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Complete Forum Rules & Tips - Read Before Posting

These are the rules that are to be followed throughout the entire site. Please ensure you follow them when you post and be respectful towards your fellow members. Those who violate the rules may be punished including possibly having their account suspended.

Forum Rules:
  • Do not post inappropriate content (anything illegal, overly graphic/sexual or non-PG)
  • Personal attacks against another user will not be tolerated
  • Discrimination against individual sexual preferences, race, culture or religion will not be tolerated
  • Racist comments or Ethnic Profiling is strictly prohibited
  • Be courteous to new users (we were all there before)
  • Profanity is not allowed (this includes bypassing the bad word filters and using asterisks or other characters instead)
  • Do not spam or advertise (including posting non-RFD affiliate links or referral links)
  • Do not suggest people contact you for a referral and requesting referrals are both not permitted
  • Requesting PM's is not allowed (Exceptions: Coupons forum & Staples Coupons Megathread)
  • Do not post with the purpose of enticing fights (trolling)
  • Religious and political content are not allowed (Exceptions: Off Topic)
  • Cookie stuffing is not permitted and will result in an immediate ban
  • Do not post the private information of individuals or businesses unless you have the expressed written consent to do so
  • There is a limit of 1 account per person
  • Only publicly available coupons sourced from retailers may be posted (include your coupon source, URL/screenshot, or your post may be deleted)
  • Do not use URL shortening services
  • For legal reasons do not post coupon codes or any other content from the Retail-Me-Not website
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you read and are aware of additional rules which may be present in certain forums which are clearly shown via a pinned thread or announcement
  • RedFlagDeals reserves the right to edit and/or remove any content it deems inappropriate
  • Respect the decisions made by our staff

The above applies to ALL content (text, images, audio and video) which is posted to the website (including private messages). We are also not experts in every field so moderation will be done based solely on civility.

Signature Policy:
  • Signatures have a 4 line limit
  • Maximum font size in signatures is 3
  • No images are allowed within the signature area
  • External links in signatures are not allowed except for Heatware and Ebay ratings
  • All standard forum rules apply to signature content

Avatar Policy:
  • Animated images are not allowed
  • All standard forum rules apply to avatar content

Infraction System:

If you break the rules, you may receive an infraction. Think of it as similar to a traffic ticket without a monetary fine. Certain offences will be worth more points than others depending on their severity. Infractions expire over time, vary in length and stack with one another.

Once you reach an infraction level of between 10 and 14, your account becomes placed under moderation (your posts will need to be approved by our staff) until an infraction expires bringing you down to below 10.

When you reach an infraction level of 15 or more, your account becomes temporarily suspended. During this period of time you will have access to your private messages but will not be able to post. Consider this your strike 1. Similar to baseball, once you reach 3 strikes (suspensions) you are out and your account will be permanently suspended. Certain offences (posting nude images, cookie stuffing, etc.) will net you an immediate permanent suspension without any warning.

You do have the choice to appeal your infractions by either private messaging an Administrator or writing to us via the Contact Us page.

Pro Tip: Arguing with the person who gave you the infraction isn’t likely to do anything but increase your infraction level.

We reserve the right to update and modify these rules as necessary for the greater good of the community.