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Computer Monitor: How big is too big?

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Mar 15, 2008
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Computer Monitor: How big is too big?

I've been using an older 19 inch LCD monitor for the past couple of years. As of late I've been thinking of getting a larger, wide screen but have plans to use it for multiple purposes: PC, Video Gaming, and television

How good are PC/TV monitors? I found a couple ads on Kijiji. How big is ideally too big? As for my current set-up, my eyes are approximately 2.5 feet from the monitor. Is 39 inches (for example) too big-what impact would a monitor of that size have on display quality in terms of computer work? ... 14/7864161 <--obviously it's an old model but a bigger screen

Finally, anyone use a 4K smart TV as a computer monitor? Would something like this be too overkill? ... c/13893613

Just want to pick people's brains and create discussion. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Aug 2, 2004
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Televisions are lousy monitors. Great if you want to watch television. Not so good for computer use

There is a reason why a monitor costs more than a television.

Too big is when you can’t see the entire screen from 70 cm away. Anything beyond 70 cm and you can’t reach the keyboard.

Your available desk space will also have an impact. I think the sweets spot for most people is 27” - 32”

If you’re gaming go for 34”

Resolution is key for me. It is useless to have a larger screen at 1080p. I have 4K screens so I can get a lot of lines on a spreadsheet. But it is too small to see on a 27”
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Dec 24, 2007
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What's important is the Field of Vision...i.e. can you see the entire screen without moving your eyes/head back and forth. If you sit really close to a large monitor you will need to either move your eyes/head to see everything. The average FOV arc is 140 degrees. So you can take your normal viewing position and go from there.

You can read the technical details from Benq What’s the Best Viewing Distance for a 1440p Gaming Monitor?
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Feb 24, 2018
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Anything between 43" and 55" is reasonable as a multi-quadrant productivity monitor (normally a TV-Monitor).

With the right setup, a (2x4) 8 quadrant 65" TV monitor becomes feasible.

Day traders, schedulers, and productivity people relish in it.
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Nov 17, 2004
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32-36" is the sweet spot for 4k monitor, probably closer to 32" than 36" for most desk setups.
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Aug 4, 2006
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32" 16:9 would be the biggest single for normal use
2x27" 16:9 for dual usage (I tried 32" dual but it was uncomfortable and caused my neck some issues)
Ultrawide 49"

43" tv can work if you're further from it or need some sort of quad monitor setup

Oh and in general TVs suck for monitors. Do your research (check to start) for a monitor with 4:4:4 chroma for clear text. Otherwise avoid.
Dec 24, 2004
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Whatever you choose, make sure you give it some time to get adjusted to it. Going from a 19" -> 24" will feel large to you at first.

I myself went from a 19"--> 24"--> 31.5"

At each jump your mind initially thinks this is to big because it's so accustomed to the old size.

Keep in mind that whatever you end up with...remember you can never go back to anything smaller :)


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