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Computer Monitor Panels - TN vs IPS

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Dec 2, 2004
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Computer Monitor Panels - TN vs IPS

For a computer monitor where one usually looks straight at it, does it matter if the panel is IPS or TN?

IPS has slower 5ms response time, but better viewing angles.

TN has faster 1-2 ms response time, but worst viewing angles.

Assuming the panels have the same color gamut accuracy, which would you buy?
Does it come down to Gaming (TN) vs Media (Video) consumption (IPS)?

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Feb 16, 2006
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For media consumption, a _VA panel (MVA type as AHVA from AUO is actually an IPS) generally better than an IPS or TN due the black levels are significantly lower. It is even more apparent when the screen is glossy (without a matte finish like many business monitors/laptop panels).

I have a 2016 24" TN TV sitting next to a 2012 24 inch IPS matte a 2009 IPS matte and a 2014 IPS glossy it is very apparent that there is a darker band at the top and bottom of the TV panel. I prefer watching videos on the 2014 IPS glossy over the others. The TV has a very narrow window of angle of incidence to the viewer to minimize this effect. Annoys me but all I watch on it is sports and news and sometimes a TV drama/movie in the background while I work on the other monitors.

I use IPS monitors due I edit images a fair bit. They are calibrated. I also game on them and in the FPS circles I play with am in the top 5-10% of gamers. Experience and map knowledge more than make up for latency.

My 2013 55" HDTV uses a VA type panel with a glossy screen and renders great blacks for TV's of that era but it does have a narrow left to right sweet spot and the glossy panel means lights behind you have to be off. Next TV will be an OLED.

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Aug 22, 2006
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I cheap and apparently blind to TN is just fine for me.

IPS does look nice though.

Not a huge fan of *VA
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Jun 27, 2004
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For video, I'm VA all the way. Amazing contrast. It's a shame that IPS gets all the glory.

VA does get some colour shift when looking at it from an angle, but since you said that you're viewing straight on, it's not going to be an issue.
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Dec 29, 2008
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In honestly the difference between IPS and TN was minimal when i tested with the hardware I had.

I had a Asus IPS monitor then bought a 144hz Dell TN monitor, put them side by side and the colour was pretty close. Sure the TN blacks seemed a bit grey but it wasn't a significant and after calibration blacks look much better.

The real difference i found was in the viewing angles, which isn't important to me.

In the end I kept the TN panel for the high refresh rate, even if it meant losing a bit of colour. PC is not used for media.
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May 8, 2007
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I have twin IPS Dell monitors, they are “S” series from about 3 years ago so middle grade. I really like the colour quality and things still look good at offset viewing angles. They have a shiny screen and no anti-glare coating which I think helps the colour, there are reflections but I have no bright lights and windows so no reflection problems in my room. They only have a static contrast ratio of about 1500 which is bad for material such as movie outer space scenes, but for computer use this is not a problem. I would possibly get IPS monitors again.

IPS poor black quality is a problem on TVs if you often watch movies that have dark scenes. I have a lower end Sony IPS TV and it’s good for general viewing but so-so on movies, also have a higher end Sony non-IPS TV (900F) and it’s much better for movies.
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May 11, 2009
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Try both and see what you prefer, really depends on your usage and what you can personally tolerate. I wouldn't go by such a small latency difference to make a purchase, if latency is that important a CRT would be even better.

In my experience the difference between IPS and TN wasn't as nigh/day as hyped, with the exception of viewing angles. Actually, my calibrated IPS LG looks dull compared to the pop of my uncalibrated oversaturated TN Samsung. The TN panel has more WOW factor and seems to be preferred by normal people looking at my computer, though it would be an issue if color accuracy were important to my work.
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Dec 2, 2004
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I have a TN computer monitor, a VA TV, and IPS phone/Tablet.

As everyone had chimed in, the IPS offers brilliant colors and viewing angles, a TN has faster refresh for games but color looks a bit washed out and viewing angles not the best and VA has the best blacks but overall less vibrant colors than IPS and better viewing angle than TN (sorta middle of the road).

I was looking at getting a new monitor to block out the blue light (think ASUS and BENQ) since I'm spending more time on the computer.

however, i came across a program called f.lux that can mitigate the same thing and I'm giving it a try. Some people mentioned that Windows 10 night light is the same thing.

Trying it out now and seeing if it helps remove the blue light.

thanks for all your responses... it's difficult to buy a monitor without actually seeing it and i do not like buying and returning items - wastes time.