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Dec 21, 2009
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Computer powerbar

Looking for a good price on a power bar with surge protector for my computer...
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Apr 25, 2020
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netrate wrote: Looking for a good price on a power bar with surge protector for my computer...
Imho, I would invest in a UPS
Jul 6, 2009
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netrate wrote: I already own one.
An informed answer also says why and cites specification numbers. How does a strip protector (only hundreds or thousand joules) 'block' or 'absorb' a surge that can be hundreds of thousands of joules? Clearly it doesn't.

How do those 2 cm protector parts 'block' what three kilometers of sky cannot? They are selling a profit center - not effective protection.

Informed consumers, instead, properly earth one 'whole house' protector. Since that UPS and a house full of other less robust appliances also must be protected. Since that best protection costs only $1 per protected appliance. And since a 'whole house' protector comes with specification numbers that defines protection from all types of surges - including direct lightning strikes.

One, who first learns facts and specification numbers, knows that a UPS does not claim effective protection. Again, numbers. How many joules does a UPS claim? Hundreds? Protection that is inferior even to tiny joules in a strip protector. Many make recommendations only because advertising ordered them what to believe. Without saying why and without numbers. No numbers and no reasons why (a single paragraph recommendation) is best ignored.

Facilities that cannot have damage connect a 'whole house' protector low impedance (ie less than 3 meters) to earth ground electrodes. Only electrodes do the protection. Then hundreds of thousands of joules are not anywhere inside. Then everything has best protection.


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