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Computer Store that still sells Win7Pro laptops that are 17"

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  • Jul 21st, 2015 12:15 am
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May 18, 2008
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Computer Store that still sells Win7Pro laptops that are 17"

I'm trying to find one of the laptops that are Win7Prox32 that are 17" versus that new Win8.

I understand Ican downgrade when I buy the laptop, but for some reason (I've tried on my current laptop) when I install win7prox64 on my former Win8 laptop, there are little lags here and there - I don't know if it is because the hardware is just not compatible with the older OS.

I'm looking for a business laptop, HP Probook, or Lenovo brand.

Please let me know where I should be looking, becaues I tried Canada Computers, NCIX, TigerDirect, Infonec, all without any success.

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Dec 20, 2004
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You won't find anything still running Windows 7 in a chain store when Windows 10 is coming out in about a week.
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Feb 28, 2004
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if you really need 17in with windows 7 out the box, you'll have to ask for workstation laptops. ... T%20Series ... BL&sel=NTB ... 525648&p=1

they are not cheap, stores usually dont stock them at the store.
plus, probably overkill for what you need.

you can still find plenty of 15in business laptops with windows 7pro


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