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Condo Water Leak Problems

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Mar 2, 2010
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Condo Water Leak Problems

Hello RFD,
I have a problem and was seeking any advice on what I should do and how I should approach this.
There are a lot more details in this incident, but I will keep it basic for now.

So I am a tenant in a Condo in Toronto (Fifth floor of a condo that is 30+ floors and roughly 5years old building) and back in January, the concierge came to my unit saying that there was water damage on the wall of the corridor right below where I am and asked if there was water flooding or leaking from my unit. At that time, there was sings of water to the unit I am staying in. They still had a plumber come in to inspect and since I have not heard back from management after the inspection, I assume that they found no leak from my unit.

Fast forward to end of March, another concierge's came to my unit asking if there was water flooding in my unit since the same wall of the corridor has water seeping from the ceiling again.
I told him that there was no water flooding and he left. After 5~10 minutes of the concierge's departure, I saw water seeping up from edges between my hardwood flooring upon applying pressure in the area (stepping near the edges). Upon finding this, I went to get the security to show him the water.
Also, it is worth mentioning that this was Saturday morning and no one has used the bathtub/shower in that morning.
As the day past, the area where the water seeps up from the flooring grew and has made the floor lift along the edges of the boards and some rippling on some. The condo management had brought in some floor fans and dehumidifier to run from that evening and left it on for 3 days.

So now, its mid April and the management, after opening some portions of the dry wall in the washroom and closet, they can not find the source of the water.
They do not communicate anything to me, but my Landlord is telling me today that they suspect that I, the tenant, has overflowed my bathtub creating this flooding.

It might be worth mentioning that It has rained on the day of the incident in March, but it has rained few times after and the same thing has not happened.

My tenant insurance and my landlord's insurance are both aware of the situation and is still trying to access the situation.
My landlord has told me today his insurance will fix the floors and my insurance will have to pay to have my stuff relocated and for my stay elsewhere during the time floor will be fixed.

If they can not find the source of the leak, is that a proof that I caused the leak?
How do I do myself justice and prove that it was not me? I wish the flooding would replicate itself every time it rains, but it does not.
If they do not find and fix the source of the water, I do not want to stay in this unit anymore seeing that it will happen again. My lease agreement is until end of December this year, do I have to stay if my landlord does not want to break the lease?

This has been the most stressful thing in my life as I feel like I will be framed responsible for the water flooding. Any tips, suggestions are welcome and I thank you in advance.
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Deal Addict
Apr 6, 2008
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I wouldn't stress. The only damage you could cause as a tenant would be something like an overflowing sink or bathtub. These would be easy to tell. All they would have to do is check the bathtub or sink for a bit of standing water, if you said no one's used the bathtub in 12+ hours, and they go check the bathtub and it's totally dry, you're telling the truth. This is why there's insurance. I can't see you getting blamed for anything. If it did come to going to court (doubtful) how would they prove you were negligent? They would have to prove it was caused by a bathtub or sink overflowing.
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Jun 26, 2009
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Just move out. Let the landlord deal with his problems. Don't let them claim it on your insurance. They will make you look responsible for everything = higher rates for you in the future.
Sep 10, 2018
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I was in the position that my roof was leaking. Checked above condo during leaks and they couldn’t find anything, said they didn’t use water etc. Happened a few more times and they weren’t cooperating with the manager. Eventually turns out it was the dishwasher, very common source of leaks. Sinks, toilet, fridge with water dispensers are all likely sources too.