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Contact lens fitting advice

Jan 14, 2005
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Contact lens fitting advice

I usually purchase my contact lens online and pricematch with the lowest competitor I can find. Recently my prescription changed and I needed multifocal lens. I ordered Dailies Total 1 Multifocal, which I understand are one of the most expensive and best quality lens. I have found that i cannot focus when looking at items in front of me such as my phone, or a book, etc. I went back to my optometrist and they explained that I need to get a fitting completed as the prescription is for glasses only. So I went in to Costco for a fitting and they inspected my eyes and gave me a week supply of the same Dailies Total 1 and told me that they are the best so there is no point trying other lenses. I went back to my optometrist again for options and they told me that they can only offer another eye exam at full cost. I'm not sure what I should be doing to get proper contact lenses. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Dec 12, 2005
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Try other optical stores, the one who would allow you to try different brands as not everything is created equal, and each person has their own take of what is good/ comfortable. With the current situation, I would call around first which one is open and can assist you rather than heading to the store directly.
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Dec 8, 2006
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There are a few things I do consider important that may help you make a good choice.

1. I am "slightly" uncomfortable with Optometrists selling glasses and contact lenses with the caveat that with highly complex prescriptions they can be a better option over an eye technician at a retail store. Also not happy with Dr. Offices in pharmacies....or in same the same building.

Ophthalmologists ( eye surgeons) generally do not dispense/sell regular glasses or contacts unless they are VERY complex and special order.

2. Is an optometrist better at contact lens fittings?
They can test your vision right then and there or anytime. A contact lens fitter who has fitted 1000's of people can be better. but cannot test your vision. Large practices have both and should allow you to try as many different types of contacts as you like. They get the samples for free.....and they should also give you your pupil distance for free with your prescription without hassle.....

I would suggest for your very first prescription you go the route of a larger practice with a fitter and optometrist and then consider your options for online retailers or other retailers once you have settled on what brand and particular lens works best for you after your trials. There is no "best brand" there is the best lens that works for you.

Also consider your appointment is tax deductible as are you glasses or contact lenses. I am not sure where you are and I really only know places in Toronto.