[Other] Contest Winners Alert: Pls Post Your Contest Wins Here

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Nov 27, 2004
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I won't go into specifics but heres a crazy situation for you in a contest where I won a trip I also won of the three runner prizes since one of the other 3 people who had entered the contest was underage therefore unable to win a prize. I bet not many people here can say that they have won more then one prize in a contest and if so probably only a contest that you can win daily which thios was not one.
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Oct 7, 2006
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Xbox 360 - Pepsi
Sony Dvd player - Web of prizes

2007 Wins

Web of prizes - Sony DVD player
Duracell - 10$ itunes gift card
Quaker Choose your dream - Secondary prize - BBQ
NHL 08 - Score every hour
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Sep 24, 2006
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What I remember:

A massively mini media player

1 week stay at any Fairmont hotel in Canada for four plus flight and $2000 spending money

An NFL backpack with hat, shirt, and pizza cutter

A karaeoke machine with 2 DVDs and microphone

A George Foreman grill, 2 stuffed Over the Hedge toys, an OtH hat, and a mini Radio Flyer wagon

A lipstick

Lots of GCs and coupons and passes to stuff

Many DVDs

A $100 HMV GC

A box of poptarts

I will have been doing it for a year come June.
Sep 6, 2006
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Since September 2006 I've won:

autographed Sidney Crosby jersey
orange julius smoothie
2 lipsticks
3 books
wireless keyboard and mouse and memory key
3 cds
4 DVDs
4 sets of movie passes
Reach prize pack
purex pillow beanie
Mccain NFL prize pack
$20 HMV gift card
$50 Earls gift card
$15 amazon gift certificate
$75 from a survey
$400 to spend at
4 tickets to Stars On Ice
natural match hair dye
$500 prize pack from CBC included a hockey night in Canada jersey
Hockey Hall of Fame shirt
zombie collar used in the FIDO movie
Big wins: Autographed Sidney Crosby jersey from Loblaws
$400 for, Hockey night in Canada jersey
$250 for
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Feb 20, 2006
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won yesterday $5 amazon code from a friend on Winzy arv $5

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Mar 19, 2006
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Since joining RFD - I've never won. (and I guess before joining RFD also)
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Oct 10, 2004
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I started entering contests in 2002 as a joke with my sister. It was the Cadbury Contest (2002) where you took a picture of yourself with a Cadbury Egg and if you seen your picture posted, you had aboiut 24 hours (or 72, I forget) to reply and you would win $1000. I won that and shared it with my sister. That hooked me on contesting! I don't enter that many contests, and when I do, I make sure they are reputable companies so I don't get spam emails. So far I have been lucky! It takes me approx 15-20 minutes per day, in total, to enter all my daily contests. Some days I don't enter anything. Hit and Miss. I like the instant win contests best! I have won LOTS of things. This is just a very small example of stuff I have won. I have also won CD's, DVD's, MP3 Players, CD Players, Movie Tickets, Games etc.......

*After I won a few contests, I started keeping a list for my own reference of things won, the value and the date.

Here are some of the highlights of what I have won.......

-$1000 cash from Cadbury
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Oct 16, 2001
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AmberMoon wrote: Blahh then that means i have to look for yours specifically :P Was hoping to just have one section for everyone :)
Well if i did that it would take up the whole page :cheesygri

Link it if you like, Im not sure how
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Feb 20, 2006
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Spidey wrote: Well if i did that it would take up the whole page :cheesygri

Link it if you like, Im not sure how
Well then take up a full page :) Hoping they put it to a sticky for us to have a central place for it

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Nov 13, 2003
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my last big win was recently and it was $2500 cash from uthink surveys

total for the year is only about $3500
weirdest win - toilet - casaguru
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Nov 18, 2005
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I haven't won a single thing from contests yet.

I was curious, how do you guys get contacted for wins? Is it by phone or by email, or snail mail?
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Dec 30, 2004
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So far...

Pepsi WinEveryHour 2006 Accessory Prize Pack

Ford Stay on the Edge 30GB Ipod

Subway Fresh Energy $50
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Feb 20, 2006
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Thank you mods for sticky!!!

Yaaa we got our own win section!!! hope we get it filled quickly

Congrats all

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Smile... It confuses people�
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Dec 7, 2003
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Eh since people are posting their lifetime wins I guess I'll put mine down since I started around the first pepsi xbox 360 contest (1.5 years ago I guess that was). I was stoked when I won that one, since my brother had already won a 360 from muchmusic and I stopped entering the contest, but a week later I checked my email during class and it said I had won (a redraw for sure). That's when I seriously started getting into contesting.

Now let's see if I remember it all.

Scaletrix Race Car set - Shoptvcanada (2005)

Xbox 360 - Pepsi wineveryhour (2005)

Xbox 360 - Muchmusic (2005) - Helped my brother win that one, they called his cell and I told him what to say to win, I still have the recording on my computer from the episode.

King Kong for PS2 - Don't remember the sponsor (2005)

Case of Brisk Iced Tea - Brisk (2006)

4 NFL hats - Snickers Instant Win contest (2006)

Gameboy Micro - Humpty Dumpty (2006)

UTStarcom PPC-6700 Cellphone - Microsoft (2006)

Nokia Cellphone - Sponsor? (2006)

Xbox 360 - Wineveryhour (2006)

World Trade Center DVD - (2007)

DVD Prize Pack - Alliance Atlantis (2007)

If I remember more I'll edit this post.

No major wins (nothing over 600ish dollars). But I love winning electronics, the UTStarcom win was funny because I was out looking for a new cellphone when I got the call that I had won a phone, lol great timing there.
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Oct 16, 2001
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OK, I was asked to post even though it would take a lot of space

Jan 7 - $10 - 6/49
Jan 15 - $10 - 6/49
Feb 10 - Free Super 7 ticket
Feb 24 - Free Super 7 ticket
Feb 26 - Movie night pack - Scouts Canada
Mar 10 - Free Super 7 ticket
Mar 22 - Grand & Toy Your Amazing New Office - $775
Chart A
Notebook pack and accessories
GN Netcom - Office Wireless Headset System
GN Netcom - Jabra BT 350 Bluetooth
17201C 3M Medium Picture Hanging Strips
DS330-DL-C 3M Post-it Daisy Pop-up Note dispenser
675-12SS--CP-C 3M Super Sticky 4x4 Post-it Notes Cabinet pack
C60 3M Tape Dispenser

Chart B
FC13-BN-C 3M Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks
UM03-S-C 3M Modern Silver Metal Hooks

Chart C
Fuji F20 Digital Camera item # 911443
#95237 Store N Go 4 GB PRO
95021 Store N Go 2GB PRO
Imation Clash EA Imation SUB 2.0 Picot Drive - 512 MB
Kodak C875, 8 Megapixel Digital Camera

Chart D
17302C 3MSmall Cord Organizer
17304C 3MCord Bundler

Chart E
Fuji DVD-R 10pk item# 331500
Fuji DVD+R 10pk item# 706803
Fuji FilmCd-R 10 pk item# 595025
Imation CDR 52X TAA 50pack spindle
Imation DVD-R 16x 10 pack
Imation DVD+R 16x 10 pack
#94611 CDR 25pk Colour /slim case
Apr 16 - Avril Lavigne CD - Pizza from Pizza 73 - MY 96 FM

Jan 7 - $10 - Super 7
Jan 14 - $10 - Super 7
Jan 14 - Free Super 7 ticket
Jan 28 - Free Super 7 ticket
Feb 6 - Pink Panther movie screening - Sony Pictures
Feb 20 - $10 - Super 7
Mar 11 - Free Super 7 ticket
Mar 28 - Ultimate Ski Sweepstakes: ($18,000)
- Return airfare for 4
- $1000 spending money
- The use of a GMC Envoy or Pontiac Montana SV6 during your stay
- 4 night's/5 day's accommodations
- Lift tickets for 4 days
- Ski lessons for each family/group member
- Winners will receive 4 sets of Atomic Skis (M:11 PULS Ti), bindings- (Neox 412), Atomic Boots (M9) and Atomic Poles (M10)
Mar 31 - Walk The Line CD - Wind-UP
Jun 15 - My 96 FM Fathers Day Olympics
- Radio station sweat shirt
- Radio Station water bottle
- BBQ Grilling Cookbook
- Jar of Jiffie peanut butter (dont ask)
Jun 23 - $10 - Super 7
Jun 27 - $25 gift certificate - Jysk
Jul 10 - Fifa Fever DVD - Toshiba Complete The Play
Jul 17 - Free Super 7 ticket
Jul 26 - $52.50 - 6/49
Jul 28 - Free Super 7 ticket
Jul 29 - $10 - 6/49
Sep 13 - $10 - 6/49
Oct 13 - Pair of CK 365 underwear from CKUQ
Oct 19 - MotoPalooza tshirt - Jackson Dodge
Nov 10 - Free Super 7 ticket
Nov 17 - Free Super 7 ticket
Nov 22 - Blue October "Foiled" CD - MY 96 FM
Nov 24 - Super 7 - $10
Dec 4 - My Favourite Restaurants in Calgary & Banff -
Dec 4 - Draw to purchase a Sony Playstation