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[Contiki] $200 off worldwide adventures

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  • Jan 10th, 2019 5:19 pm
Jun 23, 2016
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$200 off worldwide adventures

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$200 off
February 17, 2019
Just saw this travel deal from Contiki - a tour operator for 18-35 year old's. Save $200 off a selection of their worldwide tours this year if you put down a deposit by February 17, 2019. Airfare is separate. Must be between 18-35 year's old on the first day of the tour.
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Sep 10, 2018
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Do I care?
Biggest issue with Contiki is you are sucked into buying every optionals the day you arrive; otherwise you are left behind at an accommodation far away from everything. $200 off higher priced tours isn't really enticing; there are agents around the world giving percentage off published prices everyday of the year.

I recommend comparison shopping with Topdeck tous. They include some of worthy optionals in price and cost is lower than signing up with Coniki later. Both companies basically go to same places with little difference. In one case, we were seated next to each other in same restaurent. Only difference was Topdeck had that meal included while Contiki was optional 30 or 35 euros.
Jun 23, 2016
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I know Topdeck tours really well too but TBH, I felt that Contiki trips were far superior. I mean don't get me wrong, if you want to drink your whole way through your trip, Topdeck might be a good option for you. But for me, I tend to like to connect with locals and the destination - like learning about the place and people - rather than being plastered and going out every night. That and the last Topdeck trip I took was uncomfortable. The buses they use are older. I too remember being next to a Contiki one and if you compare side by side, you could tell the Contiki bus was much newer. I also overheard from their passengers that they had Wifi on the coach! When I've been on Contiki's, I never felt pressured to buy anything extra. In fact, sometimes I opted out and did my own thing which is awesome for me because I like to do my own thing once I get a lay of the land first which I found Contiki was really good at. Giving you a sense of direction when you get there and then letting you do your own thing afterwards should you not want to do any of the optionals. I didn't feel as though I was "left behind" at the hotel. But maybe some people like to be around others all the time?
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Jan 2, 2013
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Fido Xtra has 150$ off voucher off Contiki trips as well. PM if you want it, not sure its stackable together though.
Jun 23, 2016
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LULUMON wrote: Contiki is commercilized as far as it can be. They are now owned by one of big names and have ton of marketing budget. Topdeck is closer to what Contiki used to be - if you know history of these companies they started in a minivan travelling in "budget" mode.

You are correct Contiki buses will be newer (in most cases it will be Contiki branded, painted, newer). Topdeck tend to charter from local bus companies, although in some regions it's branded bus as well (nothing fancy, no on board wifi). You cannot possibly believe you are not paying for this with Coniki. Bus wifi are NOT free and ridiculously priced (They had limited free trial on European buses one summer).

You are not "pressured" but you are half forced to because opting out means you've left alone in crap locations. I sign up for about 30% of optionals and I have to carefully pick so to not left behind in faraway locations without inexpensive transportaion (to avoid spending $25 each way on taxi). When they go out to optional meals, bus is only for those people who signed up, even though bus passes through town center so there is no reason for them to not give you a ride. I am highly positively sure TMs get commissions there is very good reason to sell everything. I've seen TM's saying "sign up for everything" to ones mildly suggesting you should.

Just buy a local SIM card where you go instead of paying inflated wifi prices. There is diffrence of view between people who go on one Contiki trip in lifetime and people who've been on 10+ trips with both companies. Overall, Topdeck is more basic but far superior value.
Wow, it sounds like you have a ton of insider details. Are you in the travel industry?

Totally respect your opinion on this, but from my own experience and on my last Contiki (which was last year), the Wifi was free. Albeit it not unlimited but it was a nice bonus when you're running out of roaming data. Again, everyone is different from one another when they travel. For me, I like the mix of being guided AND free time. But to each their own, right? The last time I was on a Topdeck, I was being hustled by their guides to buy their optionals, so I guess they get commission from those too? Plus, sure, I paid less than Contiki on my last Topdeck trip but TBH, it showed when it came to the accommodations, meals and overall experience. It just felt like I was being herded like cattle and treated like another number.