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Dec 6, 2009
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contract help

My wife has an opportunity to work for a major Financial institute in a 1 year contract position. Its a 5 year project, but the contract would be renewed every year.

Can anyone point us in the right direction on where to get advice about contract work. Is it possible to negotiate time off or vacation time into a contract position? Reason being is that we have a pre-booked trip for September.

According to her recruiter she would have to get incorporated; any idea where she can get this done? She banks at TD; is this something they can help her with? or should she set it up with the FI that she'll be working for?

He mentioned that taxes aren't deducted by the employer, what's the best way to figure out exactly how much she'd owe the government? Also what type of expenses could she claim for?

We're trying to figure out a pro/con list between full time / contract type positions.
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Jun 29, 2009
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Getting incorporated has totally nothing to do with financial institution.

Google around about getting incorporated, there are plenty of info out there.