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Contractor installing kitchen hood chipped new cabinet panel

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Sep 2, 2008
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Contractor installing kitchen hood chipped new cabinet panel

Just wondering what others would do in this situation.

Had an electrician in doing some work, including adding an outlet for the uninstalled hood vent. Since he was there decided to ask him if he could install it which he agreed to.

However in the course of installation they knocked it against a panel and made a large chip in the MDF. They tried to glue it back as best they could but I mean...it's a brand new cabinet, some glue isn't going to make it look great.

I was planning to do the install myself after ordering some table jacks and making sure I could do it myself very carefully but just asked them on a whim. Big regret...

Anyways...just wondering if people had similar experiences and what would you expect them to do? Kinda hurts as I had to pay $180 extra for the install, plus I don't think I can live with it so will need to take down the hood again anyways, repair or repaint a new panel...install panel and hood again.
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May 10, 2006
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Its mdf, chips very easily.... you shouldn't have paid full price theres not much you can do now.

How big is the chip? no need to take down the hood range again in most cases just get 2 part wood filler, shape it, sand it and paint match.
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Dec 31, 2007
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If I were you, I would've asked them to take it down, then get the panel fixed by someone professionally, and then have them reinstall it, on their own dime. Oh and also cover panel repair costs.

Not sure why you let them do a hit and run, especially on new hardware. Seems pretty straightforward, and resolves your concerns.
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