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Contractor for Porch Enclosure with Permit Requirements

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Jan 24, 2022
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Contractor for Porch Enclosure with Permit Requirements

Hello all! I wish to have my front porch enclosed. With the way it is positioned it requires a permit. It also required a by law modification which has been approved by the City of Brampton. The thing is, we did find a designer to make the drawings for the permit, but no contractor who will actually create a porch enclosure in accordance with the permit design and specifications. I understand that this task is very minor and hence no contractor cares to follow any permit for such a minor job, but I'm literally stuck. This is more so for my parents who are seniors and have slipped on the icy porch often and I would really like to get it done. The City has advised that after the permit is approved and the porch is enclosed, there will be an inspection to confirm it follows the standards. I'm not sure what to do next in this situation. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: Location: Brampton, Ontario.
Edit 2: I have a roof above it and pillars at the corners. I am looking for a clear glass or vinyl enclosure to cover it up. (Sample pics attached)
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Unless you plan to DIY and you are looking for advice, no one can recommend potential contractors without knowing the city where you live.
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Would help to know what kind of enclosure you are after as well. Plenty of aluminum with roof porch enclosure companies out there. Do you want a roof and solid walls or something?
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Did your designer already obtain the building permit? No issues with Zoning? By enclosing and making a vestibule you added to your coverage and GFI.
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