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Converting halogen lights to LED smart lights.

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Jun 25, 2019
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Converting halogen lights to LED smart lights.

First of all I would have done this vanilla and just changed the switch. But, there is no neutral wire in my switch so instead of going through all the trouble of adding a neutral wire, it’s just easier to remplace the existing halogen lights for some LED smart lights.

The two options I found were:

1-I have never heard of this company.
https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/gp/aw/d/B07W ... prod_image

2-It requires a hub
https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/Philips-5622 ... XH43&psc=1

I’m looking for recommandation Orion other products or experience on these ones.
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Jun 14, 2008
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For people who clicked on the links, the option to change your amazon page back to English is all the way at bottom of homepage lol.

There are a lot of random smart bulb/switch brands on amazon, some work with others but other times they will do weird thing if you put them together, nobody really knows.

I remember some smart switches doesn't need neutral but pass the tiny amount of power they use down ground.
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Jul 2, 2006
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Lutron Caseta does not use a neutral wire. Expensive but one of the best and reliable system.


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