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Which cordless vacuum do you have?

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Feb 13, 2017
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Which cordless vacuum do you have?

I’ve been looking for a cordless vacuum for months.. maybe a year. There are too many products, too much information, and not enough time (or willpower) for me to go through it all.

So I’m curious, which cordless vacuum do you have and do you recommend it?
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Oct 4, 2006
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Dyson V10 Absolute, got a good deal on it. They work well for on the fly cleaning. I have two dogs and a cat and I find the foam head is great, but only when going forward, if you go backwards it seems to just catch/release the dirt from that rear roller.

I have central vac and more or less haven't used it in a year since I got this. Enough battery power to do a fairly regular vacuum around the house about 1800sqft. If I want to do a more deep clean (under/behind desks/shelves/dressers and the smaller nooks and crannies) the battery wont last long enough to finish.
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Dec 12, 2006
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We have one dog and are currently using a Dyson v10 motorhead( got a nice set with stand from tsc ) , and a bissell crosswave max. We have crosswave for carpet shampooing. and washing hardwood floor. Both work amazing.

Also have a iLife v5 robot vacumm, works great, but doesn't get in a ll nooks and crannies, so its used as quick cleaning when lazy, the mop feature actually is decent.

Have a Rigid Shop Vac for reno clean up( its a beast and picks up anythings ), and a shop vac for quick messess or vehicle.

Stored we have: dyson canister, haven't been used much since we got the v10, and a bissell pet shampooer.

We have tried Sharks numerous times in past and all have been misrable performance.......hoover not to much suction.
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May 20, 2017
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+1 for Dyson. A little bit expensive but worth the money.
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Jan 25, 2007
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We have a Hoover cordless stick vac at home and a more robust cordless vac at the cottage. Both work as well now as on day one.

A criticism of the Dyson is that after 1-2 years they don’t work nearly as well.
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Feb 4, 2017
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Dyson. Worth every penny. I have the v7 and it works amazing.

Makes vacuuming less of a chore, and the convinience of it allows you to do it often and quickly.

I vacuum the main areas (kitchen, living room dining room, entrance) probably twice a day. Takes a couple of minutes.
Feb 13, 2017
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Thanks everyone. When is the best time to get a stain?
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Oct 17, 2002
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We've got 3 dysons... One new V7 for the kitchen for quick pickups (we have a baby who like to throw food), one really old DC34 (which only lasts 20seconds before it dies and you need to wait for it work again) for upstairs to vacuum hair in the bathroom and one big Dyson (not sure the model) upright for weekly house vacuuming.

We also have central vac (came with the house we bought), but we dont use it.
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Dec 11, 2008
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I have a Tineco A10 Hero and for the price, I couldn't ask for more.
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Jan 15, 2004
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We have Dyson V8 and V10 (both bought on Dyson’s refurb online store in eBay).
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Jul 14, 2017
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Dyson V8 Absolute...not cheap,but nothing Dyson makes is.
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Jun 24, 2006
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Some Dyson as well. Can't remember the model but it is an older one. Still i works great.

Side note on warranties. The battery gave out on my Mom's Dyson, and when she contacted Dyson they told her that don't make parts for her model any more, and they would determine a compensation. A week later a brand new vacuum of the latest model showed up.
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Sep 13, 2010
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Toronto, ON
I also have a Dyson V10 Absolute and its been great for multi surfaces. It always amazes me the dirt that it picks up. We had a refurbished V6 from ebay before the V10 on sale from Lowe’s. Both were great routes to take when on sale or if you have a promo code.
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Feb 15, 2005
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Dyson V11 is the main unit with a nearly decade old DC35 for the basement. V11 was from the CT's OMGWTFLOLBBQ price error.

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Nov 23, 2011
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West GTA
I have a Dibea F20 max, and am super happy with it. I don't think you can beat it in terms of bang for your buck. I got it on Amazon for ~$240. I still use our central vac when we do a big clean and get the baseboards, etc, but for regular day-to-day use the Dibea is perfect.