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Corporate tax filing T2 - 139.95$ (ufile.ca) with possible coupon for 25$ off

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Nov 17, 2016
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Corporate tax filing T2 - 139.95$ (ufile.ca) with possible coupon for 25$ off

UFile.ca allows to to file corporate tax return - login to ufile account, then from the top menu choose T2.
Price is 139.95$. When I send an email to their support account about price ([email protected]), they also told me:
...we are currently offering a $25 discount with the following voucher: EP4EZ66CUV. Please note that this offer ends June 30.

I am not 100% sure if this is one use voucher (I already used it), but I believe this should work for anyone.

Previously I always used Quicktax, but they keep increasing prices by 20$ or so every year and this year price is 224.99 (costco.ca). Plus every year you need to install their new software. I much prefer filing online and beeing able to access my tax information online any time I need.
If you do insist on using QuickTax Incorporated, then the best deal right now is to use Royal Bank offer of 20% off (or 10% off from costco price) : http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/taxtime/index.html that make QuickTax incorporated price of 199.99$.

I also found anothoer option for corporate tax filing from this thread: 20-off-turbotax-business-incorporated-t ... n-2080987/
There is software called FutureTax that cost much cheaper - about 60$: http://www.futuretax.ca/t2/purchase.php
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