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[CIBC] CORRECTION: Free Visa debit cards through TD, CIBC, other banks

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  • Oct 23rd, 2012 5:54 pm
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Oct 1, 2005
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Rbc mailed me one and i never even applyed for it....
Apr 23, 2008
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I'm with RBC and they mailed me one too without asking. I contacted them through the Message Center in the online banking thing and asked that they cancel it, and they did within a day.

I do like that it's a separate number that you use since it's a separate card, that way your actual debit client card number isn't "all over" the internet and somewhat more protected.
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Aug 20, 2005
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MtlWriterguy wrote: Also, the vast majority of credit cards come with ridiculous user fees that cost you money even if you don't rack up interest charges. Most people would probably be financially better off without multiple credit cards, and this fills a necessary gap in the market.

Which is why, I'll bet, that the banks aren't doing much to promote this. They need to offer this for competitive reasons, but I'm sure they prefer to keep their clients paying high user fees and interest charges on their credit cards.
Then you must be looking at the wrong credit cards. I have never paid an annual fee as there are plenty of cards without them and I never pay interest charges. Rather than making multiple debits from my account throughout the month, I make one payment at the end of the month when my credit card bill is due. At the end of the billing period, the cc company sends me a nice listing of where I spent my money. I don't have to leave money in a low to zero interest bearing account in case I might purchase something. I can leave it in a high rate savings account and move it only what I need it ie when the cc bill is due. I don't pay service charges or monthly banking fees but when I did, I know it was better to minimize transactions on my account.

I suspect the banks don't promote it as there is probably not a lot of interest in it. I can't remember the last time I used my debit card. Apart from Costco when I didn't have an Amex, I don't think I've used it anywhere else in the last 15 years and I carry very little cash with me.
Apr 6, 2010
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Does anyone know if this is available for non Canadian residents? I have an account but Don't live here all year round.