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Barbour Jackets on Clearance - $199.97

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  • May 25th, 2021 6:56 pm
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Feb 17, 2006
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GavinTheAlmighty wrote: Where do you get yours rewaxed? Do you take it somewhere or do it yourself? I have one that needs rewaxing. I've got the wax to do it at home, but I can't imagine that I'll do a good job at it.
You can re-wax yourself with the "Thornproof" dressing, which is good enough for the annual touch-ups. Anyone can do a decent job in an hour or two with a sponge and an ironing board. You will need a good place to hang it out to dry.

Barbour will re-proof your waxed cotton to like-new condition for USD50 plus USD30 return shipping, which is a nice service to use every few years.

For all the folks complaining about the sleeves, they also offer various tailoring options.

I find it amusing that everyone is hating on the Costco pics. If you want to know what the Bedale looks like, there are lots of pics online.
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Aug 16, 2010
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People who can pull this off don't live near Costco nor have internet access.
Mar 4, 2006
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Well, I got the jacket today and am quite disappointed.

The jacket itself is actually pretty awesome and the shoulder and sleeves for great.

I bought the 42 and The torso though is huge. It is in no way fitted. I always wear a 42 if buying off the rack and they almost always fit great. I can even get away with a 44S so you can see I’m not a small 42.

This thing fits like a 46 and actually billows around.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do as there are no size 40 or even 38 at this rate left online.

Maybe I’ll take it to a tailor and see if I can have it taken in or have a dart added in the back.

If anyone has a smaller size in blue that they don’t want then please let me know