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[Costco] Chef's Choice 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener $99

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  • Feb 23rd, 2021 2:35 pm
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Oct 16, 2008
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[Costco] Chef's Choice 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener $99

Back in stock.

482 available at the time of posting
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Dec 4, 2017
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Have one since last restock... not sure why I took so long to jump.
Can't believe I tried/used stone for so long.
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Jan 27, 2009
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Got one in store for same price.
So happy to have all knives sharpen. It is easy to use!
Oct 30, 2019
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AsianXL wrote: Learn to use a whetstone.
would you grind coffee by hand or use a electric coffee grinder
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Nov 16, 2008
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This knife sharpener is insane. Caused two sliced fingers in my family in one day. Works as advertised lol.
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Dec 18, 2007
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Vancouver, BC
bg8055 wrote: would you grind coffee by hand or use a electric coffee grinder
Terrible comparison. Shows you don't understand the full benefits of a whetstone.
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May 27, 2007
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British Columbia
Thanks Op - in for one (120 left at the moment)
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Jan 9, 2011
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AsianXL wrote: Learn to use a whetstone.
yes you get better results, but i don't need to drop a tomato on my knife from a foot away to cut it in half. I just need it adequately sharp, which this goes beyond

I've seen those guys on youtube who can sharpen $2 knives cut the fabric of space, but as pointed out in this video:

This is a comparison video to show the difference in edge and sharpness quality between hand sharpening whetstones vs electric sharpener. Japanese knife owners should learn to sharpen their knives on whetstones, and if you don't have time, or don't care about having the sharpest knife, then electric sharpeners will work just fine. I prefer to have the absolute sharpest edge possible for my knives, so whetstone hand sharpening is the only method I use.
And when you have a variety of knives from different brands, it takes a fair amount of energy and attention to know the best method to approach each one, you know, like a hobby. A hobby I learned I don't care to master.

Maybe there are people out there who are buying $20 whetstones and just randomly scraping their knife across it, you know, low stress style. Or maybe they are doing the same movements for every knife, angle be damned. But to that I say, you're not really maximizing the potential of whetstones and should just get the damn electric.

Or you can pay someone to do it, $12 at knifewear from people who have the equipment and interest (not house of knives who slap it on a machine like a key copy machine)
bg8055 wrote: would you grind coffee by hand or use a electric coffee grinder
I have a feldgrind manual coffee grinder, so umm it outperforms an electric in uniformity at the same price, and i can put it away easily to save on condo counter space. It doesn't require much attention when using, unlike a whetstone, so it doesn't really apply? But in the sense that a manual will outperform an electric burr grinder at the same price the analogy kinda works..
Oct 5, 2009
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AsianXL wrote: Learn to use a whetstone.
I did. Ended up getting this electric sharpener.
Unless you have expensive knives i wont use a whet stone. Works 90% as good and u can sharpen in a few minutes. Plus no mess
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Nov 29, 2015
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Purchased several weeks ago but haven't put it to use. Am I supposed to sharpen the knives indoors?
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Sep 10, 2002
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Knifewear will use an “electric grinder” for general knives people bring in for sharpening. It’s at the front of the store. It’s a flat round stone that spins and all they do is put the knife on it.
Nov 6, 2013
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Montreal, QC
Question for folks here. I got this Chef'sChoice 1520. Like the guy in the video above, I did see some marks about a half-inch above my blade. One of the YouTube commenters mentioned that it's possible to avoid this. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Great product, fwiw. Definitely brought life back to my old knives.
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Jul 11, 2006
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I have the Chefs Choice XV15...which is much the same as this. The whetstone is real nice if you only have a knife or two and have the time because you don't work for a living but, for anyone with knives...this is heaven and I challenge anyone to compare the sharpness of a whetstone to that of this done properly. Lifetime hunter and love my meat...I was always a Lansky's guy. I collect knives like fishermen collect lures. Too much time using a whetstone for anyone who truly loves their knives. Tx Chefs Choice.
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Jul 22, 2014
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AsianXL wrote: Learn to use a whetstone.
Yeah, don’t do that. Learning the art of whetstone was a huge waste of time and effort for me, even know I actually got pretty decent at it. Completely redundant skill unless you’re sharpening an expensive ass Japanese knife, for which I personally would rather pay a pro to do.
One surely has better things to do with their time then spend 40 minutes per their medium/low grade Chinese henckel when this chef’s choice does it in seconds.
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Jul 8, 2009
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bg8055 wrote: would you grind coffee by hand or use a electric coffee grinder
We grind certain coffee beans by hand haha. Cheaper beans get the burr.

Whetstone is different ballgame and makes a big difference. With that said i would not waist time with cheaper knifes
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