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[Costco] Chevrolet/GMC/Buick Preferred Pricing + $500 Costco Cash

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  • Jul 15th, 2019 12:25 am
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Nov 16, 2016
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Edmonton, AB
shockem wrote: I was choked when I seen this offer. I just bought a traverse rs two weeks ago.

Btw if you’re looking at a traverse, it’s got the best cargo space in its class
How is the Traverse? I heard the new 9 speed tranny may have some problems - I was hoping to get a Buick Regal (the new ones are so sexy), but I've heard mixed reviews with the new 9 speed.
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Sep 14, 2012
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Mechanic95 wrote: I absolutely hate trying to buy a new vehicle these days. Never a straight answer on pricing and always feel like there is no clarity on pricing. Comments like "Well if you love the vehicle the dollars don't matter" True comment from a BMW dealer....I never returned after that gem. I think this time I will just sell the vehicle I am looking to replace and then wait for the right deal to pop up. Seems I always have one extra vehicle anyway.
No kidding. What a doofus of a salesman. He must be the type some snooty brands employ basically telling you that your are not good enough/wealthy enough to buy the product. Some marketing types think that makes it more of aspirational brand rather than one designed for Joe Sixpack.

PS-I found the Lexus dealer on my last purchase to be completely transparent on price.
Dec 25, 2017
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skoalman123 wrote: This is Redflagdeals. If you buy a new car, your a fool and shouldn't be here, you just lost thousands of dollars! Buy a lease return or a demo and save thousands.
Or you could even try your luck at a repo purchase. If you look really hard, there are some good deals to be had there.
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Feb 26, 2008
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Sejad wrote: Too bad no Toyota.
You won't be saving much off a Toyota. I have bought a couple of vehicles with employee discount at Toyota. For me it was cost plus 100 bucks. When I looked at the pricing it worked out to be PDI and all the associated fees. Or say if you wanted a Tacoma double cab TRD package. You sorta get it for the price of the base package. I think it's just a bit over 2 grand for the TRD package.

I think Costco USA has dealership programs and I did see Toyota as one of them.
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Feb 26, 2008
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BingoRingo wrote: You see a few anecdotal cars with 1,000,000 miles here and there, it doesn't really mean anything as most will go to the crusher with less than 200,000 - 250,000 km. If your body doesn't rot (rust) and you're willing to invest in maintenance, any car can last as long as there are spare parts available. The 1,000,000 Tundra with its original V8 that was all over the news last year sounds like it is awesome, but the engine was completely rebuilt 3 times if I recall, it's just that most people once the engine needs to be rebuilt will sell the car/truck to the junk yard and move on. Same thing with the transmission, you will have to rebuild it (which really means replacing most of the parts) or replace it at some point.

Engine don't really die, unless the block cracks or the shaft bent and damaged it beyond repair, an engine should easily last over 350-400,000 km with a timing chain change at some point during its mid-life, and 500,000 km or more if you do a lot of highway, with relatively little maintenance (oil changes, keeping it cool while running, no frequent high RPM, head gasket changes, etc.).
Bingo! Keep up with the maintenance and the vehicle will serve you well....excluding the rusting part. Parts wear out and need to be replaced. If you have the know how and can do it yourself, you will save a ton of money. Engine and transmission rebuilds are inevitable. A lot of the costs involved is mainly labor. Parts can be had for a decent price across the border so even if you need someone to do the work at least you save on parts.