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Contigo Luxe Travel Mugs - 2 Pack - $26.99

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  • Jul 13th, 2020 12:21 am
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Dec 28, 2007
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[Costco] Contigo Luxe Travel Mugs - 2 Pack - $26.99

Just bought these Contigo Luxe Travel mugs from the Ottawa Barrhaven Costco. Really good reviews, and much cheaper than what's found on amazon.

The price at Costco is $26.99 + HST, and on amazon it's $49.95 currently, with lowest ever being $38.46.

Here is the amazon link so you can see what it is:
https://www.amazon.ca/Contigo-Autoseal- ... NrPXRydWU=

At the Costco I was at, it also came in black and silver.

The mugs are well-reviewed, and don't leave any aftertaste. Keeps items cold and warm for a decent amount of time. Doesn't beat the Zojirushi mugs, but at this price, seems well worth it.

Unfortunately, there's no Costco link, but on my receipt, the item number is 1163400 LUXE @ 26.99
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Jul 6, 2010
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At Mississauga Heartland, they had 2 different color packs: 1) Silver and Blue, 2) Eggplant and Teal
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Sep 8, 2016
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Saw these at my Costco a while back. They are indeed nice but the lid is a pain to clean as you have to get in between the crevices near the spring.
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Dec 20, 2004
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cash_717 wrote: ...
Unfortunately, there's no Costco link, but on my receipt, the item number is 1163400 LUXE @ 26.99
Kind of funny, that the amazon link, which is a marketplace seller, it also says 1163400 right on the packaging (which is typically costco specific). So seller is probably buying in bulk from Costco, and then reselling on amazon.

But truth be told, I had bought all sorts of mugs and water bottles from other manufacturers in the past. But none of them hold up as well as contigo products. You pay a little more than other brands, but they last, and perform quite well.
Apr 1, 2011
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Question, does the Zojirushi mugs ever go on sale?
Mike B.
Jul 22, 2019
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What's the capacity?
Update: Saw the Amazon link, I have the same product bought from Costco about 6 months back. I use it everyday, it is easy to clean. Though it doesn't keep the water hot as mentioned on the pack. It hardly keeps for couple of hours.
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Nov 7, 2013
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mbertacco wrote: Question, does the Zojirushi mugs ever go on sale?
Zoji all the way. I switched from Contigo a few years ago and haven't looked back. Way easier to clean and the open/close mechanism, spill-proofness and heat/cold retention are far superior. Well worth the price premium.

Depending on the color, they can go on sale at Amazon for as low as $30.


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