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[Costco] Costco.ca US Divers Snorkel kit - $29.97 YMMV

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Jan 13, 2006
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For the price it is a good set. Tried it out in the lake and had no issues with mask sealing. Fins obviously not as powerful as full length but these are compact and easy to travel with for snorkeling. For fogging, you have to take manufacturer's film off as someone said and use a good anti fog solution. Snorkel tube does not seal as well as a more expensive one when diving down but still better than no sealing and still worth the cost!
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Apr 4, 2007
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KylarF47030 wrote: The mask is okay quality, good for the odd use. If you are having fogging issues keep in mind you must burn off the protective layer on the inside of the lens as you do with most new masks. Lots of youtube videos showing you have to do this.
There's a lot of debate about this so I wouldn't say "you must burn off the protective layer". Personally I've never done this and would be worried about damaging an expensive mask (not the one from this kit ... I have better ones). I've found that using a defog solution (soap, spit, commercial product) works fine at preventing/reducing fog.
Oct 6, 2003
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RSole wrote: With brain-eating amoebae in warm fresh water, and flesh eating bacteria from scratches of shellfish in warm salt water, I'm staying far away from all H2O unless it's combined with C2H5OH.
Don't forget some: Urea (H2NCONH2)
It is in every public pool.