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Dupray Steam Cleaners on Sale

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  • Sep 10th, 2018 5:48 pm
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Jul 17, 2007
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[Costco] Dupray Steam Cleaners on Sale

Costco currently has their Dupray steam cleaners on sale.

Reviews seem positive on all the machine across the web, i have been keeping an eye on them at costco. The Dupray website lets you compare all the models.

Dupray Home Steam Cleaner $239.99 After $60 OFF.
Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner Online Price 599.99$ Less120.00 $ -Your Price479.99
Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner Online Price 749.99$ Less 150.00 $ -Your Price 599.99 ... 31933.html
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Feb 18, 2017
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I don't know the brand but I've had a big one like this for years, and I love it. I won't clean any other way. IT's awesome Yes the bristle brush will clean grout.
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Feb 19, 2017
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yhap2003 wrote: I don't know about that brand but I picked up this one a year ago and I love it. - ... am+cleaner
I looked that up before when there was a lightning deal on it (like $130 or so) but one redflag for me was the fact you can't buy accecssory/replacement parts in Canada. You could use mail forwarding but that still means a delay.

Dupray looks promising, i'll look at it a bit more closely after work & football.

Edit comparison chart ... am-cleaner
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Nov 29, 2006
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Just a FYI..

Flexibility.. with the attachments and design, it allows you to steam clean a lot of things others may not be able to. You can even use this upside down unlike most "stick" steam cleaners.
Good Steam and temperature. Almost guaranteed not to be worse than any of your regular stick steam cleaners out there. Whether it is better or marginally is debatable.

Long heat up time

Long cool down time between uses

If you can't clean everything you need to in 1 tank, this is extremely frustration to use. Due to the previous 2 reasons above, it takes really long to heat up relative to other steam cleaners. Once you've used up the water, you're not suppose to refill right away and boil, you need to let it cool down completely before you reboil again. If you want to maintain the life of your machine or it matters to you, then it's extremely annoying. Definitely not for everyday type of cleaning since just the startup time is too long for me, whereas other stick type of steam cleaners heat up within a minute.

You also can't see the water level so its difficult to tell how long you may have left, or even when filling the machine, it's hard to tell when it's full (you're only suppose to fill 75% or something like that, but not full at 100%). Too much water means "wetter" steam which will leaves floors more wet than they should be .

Not as user friendly and potentially a little more dangerous when trying to cool the machine. If you want the machine to cool down quicker (maybe you're not done and need to refill water), you need to unscrew the cap to let the steam out. However, when doing that, you can get burned if you're not careful... this is not a big issue nor should it be for most people, but should be noted.

I use these style of steam cleaners AND a stick type cleaner and use my stick cleaner 95% of the time. This is only because my stick steam cleaner (Shark, the one they sell at Costco), doesn't have any attachments and is not portable so it cannot clean a lot of things. My old stick steam cleaner, which was a Haan, could be taken out and had all the attachments so i could clean everything this one does. If I had to do it over again, I do prefer the design of my old Haan better. I would probably use the Haan type of steam cleaner 100% of the time.


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