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[Costco] Energizer Advance Lithium batteries 20 for 19.99 Buck a Battery!

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Oct 14, 2007
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[Costco] Energizer Advance Lithium batteries 20 for 19.99 Buck a Battery!

Costco Wonderland Road London Ontario has Energizer Advanced Lithium AA and AAA cells in packs of 20 for $19.99

There are many in stock and this appears to be the regular price. Probably available at most Costco outlets. Unlike many packages where the cell count is less with AAA's, each package contains 20 batteries. Just to clarify; there are packs of 20 AA and packs of 20 AAA for the same price. These are not rechargeable.

Lithium's are excellent where you don't want the batteries to leak. They work well in cold temperatures and supposedly can be stored for 20 years. I use them in electronic devices like remote controls, tools, flashlights stored in the car and outside mounted weather sensors.

At a buck a battery this is just about as good a deal as I have seen on lithium batteries. They seem to be dropping in price lately.
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Mar 6, 2003
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The AAA's are especially a good deal because they are normally come in packs of 8 for about $16+

I've got a few lying around from previous deals (like the 8 pack from Amazon for $7.50), but if Costco adds an extra $3-4 rebate like they do for Duracells from time to time.....that would be unbeatable

I definitely want to avoid alkalines...it seems the more expensive the device, the more likely they'll leak.....always rechargables or these Ultimates from now on.
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