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Costco Kirkland Granola Snack Mix

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  • Oct 13th, 2017 4:25 pm
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Nov 18, 2003
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Costco Kirkland Granola Snack Mix

One of the reasons I got my Costco membership (no joke) was so I could buy their granola snack mix. Not the Kirkland granola bars, but the nuts/oats/raisins granola in the transparent tubs that was made in-store, on the shelves with the cookies, buns, muffins, etc.

I'd buy two boxes per visit, and eat about 1/4 of a box just on the drive home from the store! Smiling Face With Open Mouth

A couple of years ago, the stores in the GTA that i go to stopped carrying it, and later replaced it with a feeble pumpkin and sesame see bark.

Does anyone know if:

1 - the good stuff is still available, but in other locations
2 - if not, what happened - why did they stop making / selling it?
3 - does anyone know a Costco employee that worked/works in the bakery who knows the recipe? (I'm not looking for random internet granola recipes, thanks)

Here's a picture of the stuff I'm talking about