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[Costco] Lorex 4K NVR Security System 8 Channel 6 4K Cameras $300 off

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  • Aug 14th, 2020 8:57 pm
Nov 22, 2007
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I just bought one. They actually still have a good deal. Used code summer for 15% off and free shipping plus used rakuten for 15-% more. Researched quite a few ones but went with LWF2080B-66. Quite good and easy to install (just fyi had quotes for install from gta guy for wired for 100 a camera).

Hope that helps. Never had any issues with lorex. In fact had bought with 8% rakuten and next day it was 15% they simply gave a label to return no hassles. Just my 2c

Quite happy with the purchase
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Nov 23, 2017
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Brampton, Ontario
InvaIid wrote: It's pretty much impossible to tell you the value of an installation because every house are different. But if you have a power drill, sillicone (to fill drilled holes) and basic knowledge you can probably install it yourself for cheap.
What's required for installation? Does anyone know if this works with Chromecast or Google Asissrant? I'm hoping I can use one of the cameras as a baby monitor and my husband can install it if I buy this.
Nov 29, 2016
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stay away from Lorex if you can get your hand on Hikvision or Dahua camera system. getting the camera system is easy, the hard part is to install it. unless you don't mind the expose of the wires all over your house. you need to fish the cables inside the walls. cut holes in the walls, drill holes, patching up the wall and painting stuff like that. It costs a lot more than the camera system If you get someone to do it.
Nov 29, 2016
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dayofthedeb wrote: What's required for installation? Does anyone know if this works with Chromecast or Google Asissrant? I'm hoping I can use one of the cameras as a baby monitor and my husband can install it if I buy this.
get a baby cam from toy r us
Dec 25, 2012
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Purchased these over the summer and returned it after calling almost every install place in city to get a ,6 camera install quote. The quote was for about 8 hours of work by a electrician and at $90/hr. Just the install was around $1000. I went up too attic, way too complicated to drill 6 entry points and fishline between edge of roof and fascia. Plus the cables would have to be properly fastened through out the whole rafters and beams and not loose over attic insulation due to fire hazard. I don't even think the cable provided is in wall rated. The attic can get Extremely hot. The easy way would be to make one entry point out of house and rub all cables along the side trim of house Instead of 6 seperate spots but that is not proper. I returned it all and decided to buy cheaper wifi cams under $100 and it works amazing! $2000 is a ripoff for something a $100 setup does just great. Got my front and back yard monitored and can access live feed any time during the day.
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Jan 12, 2003
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All my wiring is run in my soffit and the attic, I only drilled holes to mount my cameras.

I’m still using a Lorex HD system , only complaint is night vision, and can’t really improve that without going up resolution.

I spent 12 hours doing my install so don’t think it’s an hour job.
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Dec 25, 2012
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STIGUY wrote: Please send me a PM as well.

I've recently been looking at cameras and thought the Blink XT2 would be a good option (no subscription needed).
Realized changing batteries would be a pain in the ass.

I was also looking at the ring floodlight cams as I have a light I can replace in each place I would put the cameras but don't want the subscription.

Anyone have any experience with a camera that can connect to a light fixture outlet with 120v that does not need a subscription for recording?
Get wyze cams. You can plug it into existing front and back door light fixtures using an adapter and it's always on and can loop record on a micro SD card . The cloud is free and saves 14 days of unlimited 12-15 sec clips of motion it detected and you can also access full recordings if you add the memory card and get longer clips. You can also have access to live feed from anywhere using your phone app. It's amazing. It has person detection so it tells you if person detected vs leaves rustling on a tree. You can even set the detection zone so it doesn't always send notification if it is a busy area like sidewalk next to house.
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Oct 4, 2008
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I was told Hikvision is an industry leader. True ?
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Mar 25, 2013
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I do a few security camera installs a year and I always find myself going back to Lorex and costco because they always have great deals.

This is a pretty good deal. They are a bit more expensive then the others because they use Cat 5E and power over Cat 5E where as the lower end ones use BNC connections (Thicker heads on the cables and harder to run)
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Dec 20, 2004
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Montreal, QC
darkesha wrote: I was told Hikvision is an industry leader. True ?
I have 3 Hikvision Dome cameras installed. 2 in the front, and 1 in the back. In the front I have 1 4K with 2.8mm lens for a wide view from one corner of the house getting the driveway also. Other corner is a 4MP camera with a 4mm lens, facing right in front of the staircase, for clear closeups.. And another 4MP 2.8mm in the back.. All PoE connected to an old PoE switch I had lying around. If you don't have a PoE switch, you can always use an ethernet power injector. I also have a cheap amcrest 3MP dome in the garage. It still works fine (and it is one of my oldest cameras), but no comparison with the Hikvision.
For recording, I am using my Synology NAS units which I already had on my home network. Since they each come with 2 camera licenses each, I have the 2 front ones on one NAS, and the one on the back of the house and the one in the garagae, on another NAS. All 24/7 recording. At least on the 4K camera, I also installed a 64GB microSD card with triggered motion recording just in case as a backup. BlueIris software looks interesting, but I just can't see myself leaving a PC on 24/7 just for recording. The Synology units take up close to no power.

Hikvision and Dahua cameras are great. However, since they are great, they are also the most copied, and they are many grey market units. So buy from a reputable dealer. Many you find on ebay are Chinese versions with hacked english firmware. But you can't upgrade the firmware :(

Being PoE, it also makes it easier to install. Just a single Ethernet cable. So one small 1/4" hole from the inside->out, pass the ethernet cable, and crimp a jack on it.
On the inside you get a little creative. on one of them, I ran the cable down the side of a window frame, then I managed to find a nice little hole next to my radiator pipes (I have water circulation rads), and I ran cable into the garage from there, which from there was easy to get to my computer closet. Every home is different, so there is no one solution fits all. If you have an accessible attic, then it makes it a little easier.

With this setup, I like the fact that there are no cloud services dependencies. I basically have my own cloud at home. When I want to check my camera's remote, I use my phone, VPN into my router, and then access the cameras as if I was at home. That way, i don't even even open any ports specific for the cameras, to the outside world.

Ages ago, I had a Lorex system, and their customer service was non-existent. System was great while it worked, but once the issues started, it was futile. I gave up and trashed it. At least with Costco, if they don't work as expected, you can return them.
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Jul 16, 2019
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Thanks op, but I am not quite sure about the camera from lorex.

Interested in purchasing a set of security cameras probably like 2 or 3, any good recommendations?

1. I dont want to pay monthly subscription and I am capable of setting up things on my own.
2. I want it has app that will alert me with video playbacks for motion change
3. I can access the cameras footage over the app

Thank you so much if you have any good recommendations
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Jun 4, 2018
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slade wrote: All my wiring is run in my soffit and the attic, I only drilled holes to mount my cameras.

I’m still using a Lorex HD system , only complaint is night vision, and can’t really improve that without going up resolution.

I spent 12 hours doing my install so don’t think it’s an hour job.
Higher resolution doesn't mean better night performance. I suggest reading up wiki's in ipcamtalk or other forums if you want more info, put it simple, you would want hikvision darkfigher or dahua starlight
Apr 23, 2016
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Looking for a poe 4-6 camera system but I'm most concerned with having a quality and simple to use mobile app. I have a single amcrest camera and a Garmin dash cam and both mobile apps are abysmal. So unnecessarily convoluted.

Anyone have much experience with the lorex camera apps?
Nov 1, 2015
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If you guys want HK or Dahua message Andy on ipcamtalk. He can give you a good deal.
May 20, 2018
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I have an LHV1000 series 1080p system and used Flir Cloud / Lorex Cloud over the past 3 years on an iPhone, Tab A, and iPad. The last 2 updates have made remote viewing impossible. Even trying to connect using the Windows app on a PC on the same network is not possible. I can see the IP address, but trying to manually enter the IP still does not work. I can only conclude that they've dropped support for this system as it's over 5 years old based on original product launch date.

When I could see live view, it worked OK but connection time went from 10 seconds in the first year to 40 seconds before the last app update that broke everything. Rewinding video never worked well, even at the lowest quality/fastest setting in the DVR.

To give an idea of Lorex product quality, the drive failed within 3 months. Rather than ship to Lorex, I decided to replace the drive with a WD Purple 3TB. Surprisingly, the originally drive was a WD Green 1TB which is far from the advertised security-grade drive.

Then, 6 months in the system completely died completely because the small cheap 8cm fan seized up - they don't have CPU overheat fail safes programmed in. I put back in the original dead drive and requested a replacement. It took 20 days to be processed and another week to receive the replacement. It did need a few back-and-forth emails, calls, and one bad review on their website to get them to respond. So, overall time is about a month to get a replacement.

The replacement did have a WD purple, but I still put my 3TB in to upgrade recording time and hacked in an 80mm PC fan. It's been running well for over 3 years now minus remote viewing.

Now I am slowly replacing this system with Nest cameras since I'm already paying for the doorbell camera and the Nest app is FAR superior to anything Lorex/Flir could ever put out. I can only recommend a Lorex system if having a local DVR is important and remote viewing is more of an afterthought - exactly how they make/support the apps.