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Pulp & Press Cleanse $179.99 - Save $40

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Sep 13, 2011
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Ottawa, Ontario

[Costco] Pulp & Press Cleanse $179.99 - Save $40

Costco's Organic Week special - $179.99 on the Pulp & Press 5 day cleanse from Costco after a $40 coupon.

https://www.costco.ca/pulp-&-press-5-da ... 73478.html

35 bottles so this works out to be $5.14 a bottle. The 35 bottle cleanse on the Pulp & Press website is $313.99 so big savings there (5 of the Costco bottles are small elixir bottles though).

The idea of the cleanse is that you eat nothing else and just drink these for 5 days straight. The guide says you can drink water and herbal tea. Definitely not doing that but at $5.14 a bottle seems like a pretty good deal for cold pressed juices to have as a drink.
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