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Rowenta Perfect Steam Station Roadshow Sale @$250 AB & selected provinces

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  • Feb 23rd, 2017 12:04 am
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Dec 11, 2012
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[Costco] Rowenta Perfect Steam Station Roadshow Sale @$250 AB & selected provinces

Caught this Rowenta Steam Station at my local Costco roadshow demo a few days ago (check schedule + provinces here) & I was impressed enough to grab one for a home trial (no harm no foul proposition as it is costco afterall). Being someone who has to iron my own dress shirts/pants, its a chore I know I dislike so anything to make it easier & quicker is worth a shot.

Needless to say, this thang's THE BOMB! I'm not an ironing enthusiast nor am I an expert on irons but the steam that comes out of this beast is something else. I have the McCulloch steam cleaner & this Rowenta does not lose out either in PSI nor output. I cant validate it as yet but Rowenta claims 90+mins of continuous steam. All I know is this beast destroys wrinkles & creases like no tomorrow. Its got so much steam that it can easily function as a standalone fabric steamer which is super useful for hard to iron stuff (eg jackets, suits etc etc) & delicate fabrics (eg silk). Because this iron has 5 bars steam pressure, it has the ability to do a one pass over multiple layers - I ironed my dress pants & jeans this way & it came out perfect. on shirts, I was able to do it for the sleeves but still havent learnt the art of folding the shirt so I only need to iron the front.

amazon.ca has it for cad$350 (+ $18 shipping) with 20 5star reviews.

amazon.com has it for usd$288 (+ usd$104 shipping&fees) with 206 4.5stars reviews.

Much like most peeps, I had a hard time deciding whether to pull the trigger as $250 is a lot of money for an iron but when I think about the money saved from not using dry cleaners + the amount of time saved, it does seem like a good investment. The only unknown is longevity but then thats what the vaunted costco returns are for. FWIW this iron is made in France.

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