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Samsung 36" French Door Refrigerator @ $1799 delivered

  • Last Updated:
  • Oct 25th, 2022 12:35 pm
Jr. Member
Oct 28, 2012
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milkmilk wrote: It doesn't matter what brand, you need to research the specific model you plan to buy. Every consumer brand has lemon models.
Samsung’s ice maker problem is notorious and affects all of their fridge models. They don’t know the reason for it and the some fridges won’t have the problem for years and suddenly develop it (according to two different fridge repair companies and some statements from Samsung themselves). It’s a lottery you don’t want to play.
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Nov 16, 2016
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Edmonton, AB
Snake13 wrote: Not true. Parts may be made in China but they’re assembled and tested in North Carolina and Tennessee. I’ve read some of the high end models are still made in Germany, though that may be product dependent. Still designed in German though.
I wish man. All the fridges are now China. Not even Assembled in USA like my Whirlpool washer. Dishwashers are USA made for most brands. Even Whirlpool actually makes a bunch in China. If you look at the newer design ones with the fancy 4 doors which is a newer look than French door, those are made in China by Whirlpool and Samsung and stuff. I personally think all the companies make that design in the same factory.

Fridgdaire and Whirlpool otherwise largely do Mexico for fridges. Some Kitchenaids which are rebranded Whirlpools in USA alongside some Wheilpools and almost all GE are USA. This applies to fridges.
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Jun 27, 2004
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My Samsung fridge is the one that CBC reported about. Seven years later, and the only thing that broke was a hinge on the centre flap. Cost about $10-20 for the part (it was easy to replace, thanks to a YouTube video). But I didn't have the same issues as the CBC piece because I don't have water connected.

Not saying I recommend Samsung, especially with the d-bag stuff they do with their phones, but just an FYI.

My bro's LG would frost up in the icemaker section, so they ended up disconnecting the water.
Sr. Member
Nov 9, 2014
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Ottawa, ON
TaraNoodle wrote: EXACT same situation.... brand new home and needed to purchase all appliances. Went with what we thought were high end Samsung, they looked gorgeous and seemed to work well. By 7 years and after many repairs we had replaced every single one :( Worst purchases we have ever made in our lives and Samsung never stood by any of their products.

Do your research and avoid only looking for a matching "set". You are better off getting similar in appearance mismatched brands aiming for the highest rated appliances. We haven't had one repair in the years since we got rid of the Samsung garbage. The Bosch dishwasher is a beast.
Our Bosch front loading washing machine has had minor issues with water spraying out of the soap "holder" area.
Jan 8, 2020
235 posts
I followed every one's advice and cancelled my order of a Samsung fridge. Bought another one from a new Canadian brand named Marathon. It seems that they are manufactured in Canada. Let's see how they fare.
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May 16, 2018
252 posts
Awesome commentary ... I read through just for a good laugh. Samsung Appliances = putting lipstick on a pig ... still a pig !
Apr 19, 2015
297 posts
Multiple people in my family have bought Samsung appliances and every single one of them has failed at some point, well inside of what should be considered a reasonable lifespan for an appliance (two stoves, two fridges, a dishwasher). They may make fine electronics, but as soon as you put a motor in them, they seem to lose the will to live.

I will never endorse them as an appliance manufacturer.
Deal Addict
Nov 18, 2015
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Richmond, ON
lol at all the Samsung comments.

I have had only Samsung most my life and NO ISSUES at all.

Funny thing, I had other makes and they failed me.
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Feb 28, 2015
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Toronto, ON
Wrong sub, Samsung appliances are never a hot deal!
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Jul 5, 2008
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Have to buy SubZero for fridges, Dacor for ovens and Asko for dishwashers. Those have been good for me. YMMV

I currently have a Samsung induction range that has been great though :)

Does Huawei make appliances? RFD should just block any thread that mentions Samsung or Huawei and then there would be no thread crapping LOL

All the mid-range appliances (<5k) run about a 10yr lifespan. Maybe people are expecting more?
Penalty Box
Aug 15, 2015
9364 posts
RaphaelG041 wrote: I think everyone is just repeating this non-sense monkey see monkey do.

I've had a samsung washer dryer for 5 years no issues, 4 door refrigerator with ice maker for 2 years no issues.

I don't know how ya'll use your appliances but mine have been abused by two young kids and they still work as new.

And my wife has a 4 year old BMW that never had any issues either.
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Sep 9, 2015
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I wouldn’t spend 2 grand on a fridge without water/ice. I have this one with the water/ice and it works fine now for almost 7 years. The ice maker did stop working once and I got it replaced under warranty. Sometimes it gets an ice cube jammed on the side of the unit and I have to pull it out. The design of the crisper drawers is stupid too, it’s impossible to pull them apart to clean them (I’ve called Samsung to confirm), but they easily get fluids inside them from spills.

Overall I probably wouldn’t buy one again.

Our Samsung stove also had an issue with the burners not lighting and was replaced under warranty, we have a GE Profile double oven now, it’s been good for a couple of years so far.

My sister’s expensive kitchen aid fridge leaked and ruined the flooring in their house, insurance company went after kitchen aid for the money and I think got it.
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Aug 3, 2007
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redmondflagger wrote: Our Bosch front loading washing machine has had minor issues with water spraying out of the soap "holder" area.
Did you purchase a Bosch model made in Germany? It has been well worth the extra $ for us :)
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Jan 7, 2005
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Was looking at this fridge at Costco today and it looked great. Really solid shelves and thick plastic. There is no ice maker or other nonsense that breaks down over time. But still it’s $ 2000. Nice big freezer drawer too.

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