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Costco Triangle Buns are Back

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  • Mar 5th, 2019 12:45 pm
Sep 15, 2018
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GoodFellaz wrote: dunno for sure but there was a lot of complaints with people buying them, even myself we bought a bag of them and within 2 days 60% of them were rotten and had visible mould on them. put a complaint in with costco and had to argue to get our money back. they wanted to give us a new batch and we said hell no, we don't wanna get sick again, and we heard from other friends and customers of costcos they had the same complaint as us the buns went mouldy within 2 days, that is highly unacceptable, they probably had to re-engineer the formula and ingredients to make it better and not go mouldy so fast
Yes, that happened to me too, but ciabatta gets moldy easily because of the high moisture content and is a good sign that they don't use preservatives or mold inhibitors. Sticking them in the fridge or freezer (better) will make them last much longer, and heating them up will bring them back to almost freshly baked.
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Mar 22, 2005
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Good news - hope all stores have them.