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Various Massage Chairs / Massagers on sale (including Osaki OS-4000XT - $3499.99)

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  • Sep 1st, 2021 11:03 am
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Oct 19, 2006
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I've been searching for a massage chair for a while and finally pulled the trigger on the OSIM, yes it has a premium price tag, but I tried a few of the different brand and I find that the higher end OSIM does provide the deepest massage that i like.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, but I realized that most higher-end chairs are within the 20% range that another member has stated.
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May 24, 2006
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I have the OSIM uLove2, parents have the Panasonic MA-7J, both are definitely on the pricier side. I like the OSIM as it fits me well and it is strong. I find the Panasonic rather weak but my parents like it. It's a piece of furniture, the OSIM sits well in the living room and can be used as a nice looking recliner. I believe it is one of the very few massage chairs (can't think of one myself) that can hide the leg massager when not in used.

Definitely not for everyone, but I rather buy something I like to use and look at than something cheaper that is only okay and sticks out like a sore thumb in the room. If you want a massage chair to try because you like the ones at the mall, then Costco ones will do. If you want a massage chair to wind down and relax everyday, I would spend more and buy OSIM or Panasonic. I miss the old CNE deals at the Panasonic booth, best deals around.
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Oct 22, 2007
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silverele wrote: I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but mine is actually the opposite of your's, so I thought I would share as well so people can get a good balance of opinions. I know this is a Costco massage chair thread, but I think people should be informed of places to buy cheaper massage chairs, they are so expensive! I have never posted about Relaxcare before, so please don't think I have an agenda.

Relaxcare has really great prices, I bought a demo MC-2000 chair that seemed popular on RFD. They apparently buy in bulk unlike Costco so they can pass the savings onto us. I think there are also coupon codes floating around the internet for another 10-15% off.

Since my chair was in stock at the time, it was delivered to me within the week. It was delivered into my condo to the spot where I wanted it, the delivery guys were so professional. They even helped take my door off the hinges because the chair was too large for the frame, and put the door back on! I did NOT pay for any white glove delivery. I didn't have to pay for delivery at all actually, but that may be dependent on where you live (I am in Toronto).

If it isn't in stock, I guess they are at the mercy of their suppliers. I know Costco has the same issues, you see people saying their delivery date keeps getting changed too. This is an unfortunate thing that happens often with large furniture and appliance purchases.

As for after service care, I did have 1 issue with my massage chair (it seems to overheat) and Relaxcare has offered to give me a replacement to fix the issue at no extra cost. I've been in contact with Jason, the owner, pretty much throughout and I feel like he really appreciates customers as it is a small business. If this replacement goes smoothly, I'm going to buy another chair for my mother's place from them.

Obviously if you are unsure, Costco does have a great return policy, but to be honest I would hate to have to return any massage chair. They are so heavy and bulky that it would be a huge hassle, does Costco do pickups for returns?
You make some great points. There are logistic issues common folk really don't consider and are oblivious to. Firstly, as you said, a massage chair is bulky and heavy and shipping isn't cheap. Even though a company may offer free shipping to the end customer, they still have to pay for shipping. If a small business is located in Toronto and ships to BC, A) its going to cost a few hundred dollars, and B) its going to be through a 3rd party so you are not going to have a knowledgeable delivery person who knows about the product and cares about customer service. They just want to get their deliveries done and go home. Your Toronto delivery was likely done by Relaxacares own employees who know the product, have delivered hundreds of them so can easily and quickly unbox and set up, and care about giving you a good experience.

The second thing to factor in with shipping is the cost. As I said above, shipping is expensive. If a product like this gets shipped to BC, and lets say it costs $500. If you want it returned after bc you don't want it, its going to cost the company another $500 to ship it back. Imagine you are a small business owner and you just paid $1000 in shipping to send and refund s chair. Now you are out of pocket $1000 with no sale.

I am an accountant and shipping is a HUGE issue with small businesses because consumers expect the amazon/costco experience (i.e. next day free shipping and no questions asked returns). Small businesses often don't have tons of inventory on hand such thay they can just ship an item immediately.....they would have to fork out too much capital upfront before even making the sale.

The other thing with amazon/costco is that they don't bear the costs of shipping, the supplier does. If you buy the massage chair from Costco and it gets returned, costco passes that cost onto the company. Costco online doesn't have possession of these kinds of items....they simply have a listing on their website and process the transaction but they essentially are just letting companies list their product on their website with the costco reputation and audience, and take a cut of the sales with no financial risk on their end. Companies that list on Costco are banking on volume to cover the costs of returns and shipping.

If ordered things on Amazon which weren't as expected and when I requested the refund got an email that said I'd be refunded but not to bother returning the item bc it wasn't worth it for the company to pay to have me ship it back.