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[Costco] West (BC, AB, MB, SK) (Apr 15 - 21 ) (183)

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Thanks Bud! A lot of pics this time around!!
The Biggest of the Big has arrived!
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Dec 7, 2005
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This posting is meant to provide a text based copy of what TDG does every week. It's purpose is to allow us to search back in time to see prices of the items that went on sale at Costco

To search for old specials, I suggest ;

site:forums.redflagdeals.com costco west "what_i_am_looking_for"

the item you are searching for should be quoted

Pebblebee bluetooth tracker $29.99
Huggies natural care baby wipes $19.99
Oral-B bacteria guard toothbrushes $11.69
Colgate total toothpaste $9.99
G-U-M soft-picks floss $9.99
Always dri=liners pantiliners $10.99
Olay regenerist micro sculpting cream $38.99
L'il critters gummy vites $9.99
Webber naturals coq10 omerga 3 $20.99
Godiva dark chocolate hearts $7.99
Greek gods crreme brulee yogurt $6.99
Kraft old cheddar $19.99
Kleenex ultra soft facial tissue $13.99
Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies $7.49
Kellogg's rice krispies squares $8.99
Cello whisps parmesan cheese crisps $10.99
Something special gourmet antipasto $6.99
Ocean spray craisins $9.49
Manitoba harvest hemp hearts $11.99
Catelli spaghetti $7.99
Lindt lindor spring box $13.59
Prego pasta sauce $5.89
Noodle time bowls chicken/beef/spicy thai $9.99
La Maison fresh garlic caesar dressing $5.49
Green giant niblets corn $9.49
Cuisine adventures mini quiche $11.99
Grande gourmet bacon wrapped scallops $14.99
Healthy choice white bean & feta bowl $8.99
Hampton house buffalo chicken strips $15.99
El Monterey chicken quesadillas $10.99
High liner sole fillets $18.99
Hershey's eggies $10.99
Barber foods broccoli & cheese $8.99
Pace thick & chunky salsa $5.29
General mills multigrain cheerios $6.89
Kellogg's mini wheats $7.99
Kellogg's vanilla almond cereal $4.59
Quaker instant oatmeal $9.69
Ferrero nutella $10.89
Bull's-eye barbecue sauce $4.99
Foster's pickled carrots $3.97
Gillette fusion5 cartridges $45.99
Jacquot chocolate eggs $8.99
Lacoupe orgnx shampoo & conditioner $15.99 (reg price)
Schick quattro disposable razors $14.99
Bleu lavande lavendar oil set $14.97
Bleu lavande essential oil set $12.97
Softsoap handsoap with aloe $8.69
Olay soap ultra moisture $10.99
Pantene dry shampoo $9.99 (reg price)
L'oreal hair expertise shampoo & conditioner $12.97
Softsoap body wash $8.39
Irish spring deodorant soap $9.29
Lakota joint care formula $20.99
Ellen Degeneres cave animals plate set $12.97
Jamieson vitamin B12 $15.99
Aerius allergy $36.99
Webber naturals super cod liver oil $10.99
Bausch & lomb renu fresh $11.99
Kirkland signature protective underware men & women $24.99
Huggies little movers $37.49
Huggies little snuggle size 2 $28.49
Itunes 4x$25 multipack $79.99
Huggies little snuggle size 1 $28.19
Clif bar builder's bar variety $15.69
Detour simple variety bar $15.99
kinder surprise eggs $18.99
Laura secord fruit flavoured candy $4.99
Freybe mini salami bites $9.99
Larabar variety pack $13.99
Fibre 1 oats & chocolate bar $7.79
Quaker chewy chocolate chip $8.39
M&M's peanut $10.79
Trident variety pack of gum $9.99
Dentyne variety pack of gum $9.99
Acer CB3-431-C6RY chromebook with mouse $299.99
Hi-Chew variety fruit chews $6.99
Mira Bella towel set $6.97
Couture decorative cushions $9.97
Hagger short sleeve shirt mens $12.97
Nike logo legging ladies $19.97
Speedo swimsuit ladies $12.97
Calvin Klein ladies trench coat $39.97
Kirkland signature swimsuit ladies $9.97
Christina 2pc ladies swimsuit $6.97
UV Skinz 3 pc swimsuit kids $14.97
HP Pavilion 15cs0003ca notebook computer $799.99
Catherine malandrino dress ladies $9.97
Tommy hilfiger 3/4 sleeve top ladies $9.97
Fila boys hoodie $9.97
Kirkland signature ladies trail socks $9.97
Fila canvas shoes mens $9.97
Kenneth cole new york leather sneaker ladies $29.97
Adidas sneakers ladies $24.97
Logitech wireless keyboard k350 comfort wave $19.97
Abbey muse jeggings girls $5.99
Scotts ez seed $53.99
Bunch o' balloons water balloon $14.99
lifetime childrens folding table $19.97
samsung smart led tv 32" class un32m4500 $269.99
Lorex super HD wired security system $249.97
Neatfreak premium closet system $29.97
Essenza electric wax warmer $9.97
Longchamp tote bag black $119.99 (reg price)
Starbucks caffe verona k-cups coffee $29.99
Sodastream power electric water maker $149.99 (reg price)
Bormioli rocco vino regale wine glass $12.97
Melamine dinnerware set $28.99 (reg price)
Febreze car air freshener $6.99
Kleenex ultra soft facial tissue $13.99
Cat LED work lights $14.97
Oskar car wash set $19.99 (reg price)
car wash kit $27.99
Duracell AA batteries $20.49
Duracell AAA batteries $20.49
Seville metal storage cart $34.97
Bounty plus paper towel $16.79
Eco living stainless steel trash can $19.97
Prime power centre $24.97
Charging essentials wifi smart dimmer switch $35.99
Feit LED dimmer switch $15.99
Luminus non dimmable A19 LED light $10.49
Kohler touchless faucet malleco $239.99
Artika crystal nest round chandelier $69.97
Hunter ceiling fan $179.99 (reg price)
Richelieu bathroom accessory set $9.97
Pedigree dentastix dog treat $14.99
Whiskas meaty selection cat food $20.99
Jet dry quantum dishwasher rinse agent $8.89
Finish max in 1 dishwasher detergent $17.99
Gain HE liquid laundry detergent $15.89
Dawn advanced power 4x dishwashing detergent $7.49
Oxiclean stain remover spray $9.39
Friskies canned cat food $17.99
Oxiclean VSR laundry powder detergent $14.99
Bounce fabric softener $8.59
Tide advanced power liquid laundry detergent $19.99
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $7.49
Swiffer sweeper starter pack $10.89
Bag to earth food waste bags $9.49
Lysol lemon multi-purpose cleaner $6.99
Pinesol lavender all purpose cleaner $7.99
Innoware artstyle spring napkins $7.99
Royal chinet 6" plate $12.99
Royal chinet 10" plate $18.99
Bag to earth food waste bags 7x12 $10.99
Lysol disinfecting wipes $15.99
Boneless skinless chicken breats $4 off per package
Bone in rib oven roast $24.89 (reg price)
Denuded beef tenderloin $10 off per package
Ove 4pc conversation set $999.97
7pc sling dining set $999.97
Fromagerie bergeron classique $13.49
Boursin herb and garlic $5.99
Cappola charcuteries $7.99
La terra fina artichoke parmesan garlic dip $9.99
Cafe gourmand mini desserts $16.99 (reg price)
Azuma gourmet seaweed salad $9.49
Fontaine sante humm! caramelized onion hummus $4.49
Fresh shelled peas $3.99
Perrier carbonated water 12x1L $13.89
Perrier rainbow pack $15.99
Perrier and juice pineapple and mango $13.89 (reg price)
Perrier and juice strawberry and kiwi $13.89 (reg price)
Kirkland signature carbonated water $12.99
Budweiser prohibition $19.99
Pepsi products (orange chrush, variety pack,diet,7up) $8.59
Coke products (diet, zero, canada dry ginger ale) $8.59
Nescafe rich blend instant coffee $8.29
San Pellegrino carbonated water $13.59
Ocean Spray cranberry juice $4.49
Zico coconut water $14.99
Starbucks french roast coffee $18.99
Oikos vanilla 2% greek yogurt $8.79
Liberte mediterranee 9% yogurt $9.99
Natrel unsalted butter $2.99
Island way assorted fruit sorbets $10.99
Poppies mini cream puffs $8.49
Nestle drumstick ripple $13.99
Pom wonderful pomegranate juice $8.69
Johnsonville globally inspired sausage $9.99
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Those peas are sooooo good. Way better than frozen or canned. I always grab them on sale.
Aug 17, 2006
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Thanks OP, much appreciated as always
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Dec 12, 2010
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yeah723 wrote: Thank you very much. Did you see any portable air conditioner?
I noticed a portable dehumidifier. I think it was $170.

I have central AC, but I was partly considering a dehumidifier because i think there are a few times in summer where I'd be more comfortable if the humidity was lower, no necessarily the temperature.
Jun 5, 2012
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The Olay soap wasn't on sale when I went into the Edmonton South Costco (both last week and yesterday). Do you think that's a mislabel issue or just different offers in different regions?
Mar 2, 2007
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Thanks for the early posting. Much appreciated.
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Jan 12, 2008
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I think those Buffalo Chicken Strips wrecked my insides yesterday. Anyone else experience similar? Not sure if i should give them another chance or dump them.
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Dec 21, 2009
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thefeebster wrote: I think those Buffalo Chicken Strips wrecked my insides yesterday. Anyone else experience similar? Not sure if i should give them another chance or dump them.
I remember I got the ring of fire when eating them.
I didn't buy them again.