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[Costco] West ( BC, AB, MB, SK) (Sept 10 - 16)

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[Costco] West ( BC, AB, MB, SK) (Sept 10 - 16)


Costco has a new Pet insurance.

Which one is better? Trupanion or Costco Pet US?

I am looking to get one for my poodle. He is 3 years old. Any recommendations?

raskal wrote:
Sep 11th, 2018 12:42 pm
Hey y'all

This posting is meant to provide a text based copy of what TDG does every week. It's purpose is to allow us to search back in time to see prices of the items that went on sale at Costco

This post was cleared with TDG already

If you notice a typo/error, please PM me and I'll fix. Thanks

Duracell "AA" pack of 48 $20.49
Ott-lite led lamp 2.0 $28.99
Aveeno moisturizing lotion 2x600mL $14.99
Listerine ultraclean mouthwash 2x1.5L $10.49
Huggies baby wipes 16.8x19.5cm $19.99
Health balance grape seed 360 capsules 100mg $19.99
Webber Naturals Osteo Joint ease 180 caplets $23.99
Huggies Little Movers size 4 pack of 186 $35.99
"15 Organic" Basil bowl $9.99
Bunch O'Balloons $9.97
D-Link DIR-1935 AC1900 router $118.99
Teac Bluetooth turntable TN-180BT-CH $99.97
Shedrain Auto umbrella $13.99
Shark Pet Perfect XL handheld cordless vac $89.99
Stemmed Hurricanes glass 2 piece $23.99
Dexan Grippboard cutting board $16.99
Guzzini Bowl pack of 2 $12.97
3-in-1 Emergency tool window breaker power bank $14.99
PolarXtreme Snow car brush $12.99
Evertough Automative floor mats 4 piece set $19.99
Scotties facial tissue $12.99
Duracell Quantum "AAA" batteries pack of 22 $20.49
Duracell Quantum "AA" batteries pack of 36 $20.49
Duracell "AAA" batteries pack of 28 $20.49
Duracell "AA" batteres pack of 48 $20.49
Innova LED grow light 23x9x2.3 $29.99
CAT LED worklight pack of 2 $19.97
Terra gloves nitrile pack of 3 $17.99
Bounty plus $15.99
Artika Skylight $99.99
Sherwood Hockey stick $48.99
Childrens hockey stick $26.99
Tide Powder Laundry detergent 5.8KG 150 loads $18.99
Bounce Fabric Softener pack of 260 $8.89
Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent 102 count $17.99
Resolve Max laundry stain remover 1.8L + 650ml $9.39
Dawn Advanced power 4x Dishwashing detergent 3x709ml $7.49
Cascade advanced power gel dishwasher 2.83L $7.99
Charmin ultra soft 30 rolls x 221 sheets $18.59
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser variety pack of 9 $9.99
Bag to Earth food waste bags pack of 10 12"x22" $8.89
Bag to Earth food waste bags pack of 30 7"x12" $9.99
Windex glass cleaner 5L + 950ml $10.99
Royal Chinet 6 3/4" plate pack of 228 $12.99
Chicken Drumsticks $3 off per package
Organic Chicken Drumsticks $3 off per package
Organic live blue mussels $2 off per package
44th Street Beef pot roast 2 x 575g $15.99
Ford Farm coastal mature cheddar 490g $9.49
Anco Jalapeno Havarti 1kg $12.49
Anco Cremey Havarti 1kg $12.49
Monterey Pasta Co Spinach Cheese Ravioli $8.89
Don Miguel Chicken Mini Taco 992g $10.99
Maple Leaf sliced Chicken 2 x 400g $11.99
Gold Kiwi fruit product of New Zealand $5.99
Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Loaf 20 pack $5.99
Nescafe Rich Blend Instant Coffee 475g $8.59
Lavazza Tierra organic coffee 1KG $13.49
Zico Coconut Water 6 x 1L $14.99
Pepsi 32 x 355ml $9.29
Diet Pepsi 32 x 355ml $9.29
7 UP 32 x 355ml $9.29
Orange Crush 32 x 355ml $9.29
Mixed Party Pack soda 32 x 355ml $9.29
Four O'Clock organic green tea 90g 60 bags $7.97
Danone Activia Yogurt 24 pack $6.89
Danone oikos 3% Grrek Yogurt 16 x 100 g $8.99
Oikos Vanilla 2% Greek yogurt 2 x 850g $8.99
Danone Danactive 16 x 93ml $6.89
Ethical Bean organic Lush coffee beans 907g $13.49
Ethical Bean organic Bold coffee beans 907g $13.49
Laughing Cow cheese 535g $6.49
Kraft Cheese slices 1.25 kg $6.99
Authentic ASIA Shrimp Wonton soup 6 x 145 g $11.99
Barber Foods Cordon Swiss chicken 8 x 142 g $8.89
Diamond Harvest shrimp platter 1.13 kg $27.99
KFI Butter chicken sauce 2 450 ml $4.89
Campbell's no salt added chicken broth 6 x 900 ml $7.99
Noodle Time bowls Chicken/Beef/Spicy Thai 12 x 100 g $9.99
Quaker Quick Oats 5 kg $6.39
Campbell's organic cream of mushroom 12 x 284 ml $9.49
Garofalo organic pasta 6 x 500 g $9.79
Sunrype organic variety pack 12 x 900 ml %14.99
Sunmaid organic raisins 2 907 g $12.49
Terra Delyssa organic extra virgin olive oil 2 x 1 L $13.99
Lotus foods organic rice ramen 850 g $9.89
Annie's organic bunny grahams 24 x 28 g $9.99
Kraft cheez whiz cheese spread 900 g $3.97
Post raisin bran 1.42 kg $4.99
Kellogg's kids tri-pack 1.09 kg $6.99
Mott's fruitsations variety pack 36 count $7.30
Red Lobster biscuit mix 1.28 kg $8.99
French's yellow mustard 2 x 830 ml $3.89
Sunbrown Australian Brown Rice 5 kg $7.99
Nonni's Gourmet stuffing mix 907 g $7.49
Disney Cars multivitamin & mineral 220 gummies $5.97
Organika Reishi mushroom 360 veggie capsules $21.99
Organika liquid bee propolis 100 ml $13.99
Webber Naturals Melatonin 5 mg 240 tablets $8.99
Jamison vitamin C + Zinc 500mg 400 chewable tablets $10.99
Royal Red Krill oil plus 750 mg 120 softgels $21.99
Advil 100 mg Grape 60 chewable tablets $11.99
Advil cold & sinus 102 tablets $15.99
Huggies pullups box $31.99
Huggies Little Movers size 5 pack of 162 $35.99
Huggies Little Movers size 3 pack of 210 $35.99
Huggies Little Movers size 2 pack of 174 $27.99
Huggies Little Movers size 1 pack of 192 $26.49
Vel variety pack 15 x 40 g $7.99
Fibre 1 oats & chocolate 24 x 35 g $7.79
Prana Kilimanjaro organic trail mix 681 g $9.99
Quaker chewy yogurt bars pack of 34 $9.99
Taste of Nature organic food bar 18 x 40 g $13.99
Freybe Pepperoni stick 2 x 450 g $11.89
The Simply Bar protein bars 15 x 40 g $14.99
Wild Roots coastal berry blend trail mix 737 g $9.79
Organic coconut clusters with super seeds 500 g $7.99
Springs home comforter sheet set twin 4pc $29.97
Couture decorative cushions 20" x 20" $9.97
Kate Spade cotton sheet set double 300tc 6pc $24.97
Sunice Active 1/4 zip top men's shirt $12.97
Tuff Athletics Yoga jacket ladies $16.97
Kirkland gift wrap 25 square metres $11.49
Kirkland christmas gift wrap 4pk 16.72 square metres $15.99
Sterno home LED neon rope light $19.99
Orbit garden hose watering set 2 pc $6.97
Sealy Posturpedic corey full mattress only $249.99
Sealy Posturpedic corey full boxspring only $63.99
Simply cool living 2 pack parsons chair $129.97
Stylecraft 2pk table lamps $39.97
Singing machine studio karaoke system $249.99
Well universal chairside table with power $79.97
Well universal bookcase $299.97
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You're so awesome! Thank you!
“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
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Feb 19, 2017
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Thanks, saves me another trip to costco this week till the weekend at least.
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Are those japanese green tea made in Japan? I can see they are .97 priced.
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Jun 19, 2010
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Thatdealguy wrote:
Sep 10th, 2018 10:12 pm
Costco has a new Pet insurance.
Which one is better? Trupanion or Costco Pet US?
I am looking to get one for my poodle. He is 3 years old. Any recommendations?
Note that all pre-existing conditions are not covered in all pet insurance. It all depends how the company actually determines that and how often it uses that to weasel out of coverage. And you won't know that until a claim is submitted. The sooner a pet is enrolled, the better.

In the US, Trupanion is one of the lowest rated due to its price, restrictions and middling service: https://www.caninejournal.com/pet-insurance-reviews/

Then again, Trupanion Canada compares their service to Pets+Us here:
https://trupanion.com/canada/pet-insura ... 0Plus%20Us
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Thanks op. anyone know the current price of the PS4? I really want to play spiderman
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jon604 wrote:
Sep 10th, 2018 10:32 pm
Are those japanese green tea made in Japan? I can see they are .97 priced.
No, there are made by Trans-herb in Quebec. Website: http://transherb.com/en/

My other half find this tea very mild. (I personally don't drink this type of tea so cannot vouch for it. ) He bought it for the convenience of the bag but was disappointed with the taste. He prefers the matcha tea that comes in the can that Costco also sells.
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Mar 12, 2006
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damn...why couldn't online costco price be the same for the mattress/box spring.
Feb 25, 2009
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Thatdealguy wrote:
Sep 10th, 2018 10:12 pm

Costco has a new Pet insurance.

Which one is better? Trupanion or Costco Pet US?

I am looking to get one for my poodle. He is 3 years old. Any recommendations?
Hey OP, thanks for posting the costco deals. As per the pet insurance... hmm this is my experience. I went with Trupanion 10 years ago when I got my Maltese. Premium started at about $40ish.. ($0 dedictible) and it hiked up every year and it’s like $120 now for the $0 deductible option. My dog is relatively healthy his whole life... no major surgery or accident. The most expensive is dental.. and a lot was not covered so I shell out money there. He choked on a bone once last year (my family gave him a soup pork bone which he is not suppose to have in the first place!) and that costed $2500 for emergency. Trupanion covered 90% of it. The annoying part for me that I felt with this insurance thing is that the initial vet appointment is not covered which is about $80 bucks. They will cover for the drugs and subsequent appointment but if you have a deductible or if you don’t require subsequent appointment.. then you at not getting a lot out of this insurance. If I can do it again, I would have just put some money on the side each month and save for “rainy days” as oppose to buying insurance since you lose everything if you stop the plan or when the dog pass away.
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Apr 15, 2006
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard others with similar stories, that is why I didn't buy it. I'd rather save up and feed my dog good food.
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Dec 3, 2004
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I bought 20 pallets of ott lights.
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Dec 5, 2006
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I volunteer for a kitten rescue so the topic of pet insurance comes up with some frequency. The insurance companies need to make a profit and pay staff, so averaged over time, insurance doesn't work out favourably. However, if you're bad at putting money aside and a big vet bill either means euthanising your pet or a big credit card bill, then insurance is worthwhile. Most of the people who buy insurance reference "peace of mind". Fortunately I'm disciplined with my spending, so I keep enough money aside to deal with any big vet bill. Also fortunately, I've yet to have a big emergency, so over the past 13 years, I'm waaaaay ahead.

BTW, another option to consider for pet insurance is CAA Pets.


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