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ZEVIA Soda - 30 pack Variety Flavors. (Healthier) Zero-Sugar / calorie Soda $22.99

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  • May 14th, 2022 2:22 am
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Nov 23, 2001
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dealio333 wrote: When I was using Stevia to sweeten my coffee the aftertaste was pretty awful, but I've never noticed it for Zevia. Maybe my tastebuds have adjusted, but I find certain flavours of Bubly/Aha have a far nastier aftertaste.

Zevia is basically twice the price (if not more) of regular soda or sparking water, but it satisfies my craving for sweets and something other than water the best without having to actually ingest sugar.

I personally don't like the Black Cherry or Grape flavours, but a sampler pack isn't the worst way to start. Keep in mind that certain flavours have caffeine while others are caffeine free if that is any sort of issue.

I really enjoy the Creamy Root Beer, Dr Zevia and Cream Soda.

Ginger Ale, Cola and the Ginger Root Beer are all solid.

I did not like the Orange or Lemon Lime Twist.
I was about to comment regarding the lack of Lemon Lime Twist in the pack.
I tried them all and while Cola and Ginger Ale are okayish. Lemon Twist is my favorite and always out of stock compared to the other flavors. I can't stand any other flavors.
That being said, I'm going to cut back. I have been consuming about 6 cans a day for the last two years. I have been trying to drink more water and reduced my Zevia to about two cans a day.
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Dec 25, 2002
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Robotron2084 wrote: I have been buying these packs at Costco for months now, but some flavors people don't touch so now I just buy Dr. Zevia (not in this pack) and creamy root beer in 6 packs.
I have two families members who get headaches from stevia (usually by drinking 2 or more a day), but I have had zero reaction to it. They tested other stevia products and found the same results.
I've not had it happen to me, but it can be something to watch for.

These packs are a good starter though to see what is right for you (plus it's Costco).
I just bought a can of each favor in this pack at Whole Foods. If I like them all, I will invest the pack at Costco. This way I dont feel the guilt of returning.
Jul 29, 2015
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Reading through this thread and I thought I drank a lot of pop. Wholly moly
May 16, 2012
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The root beer tastes like ice tea mixed with perfume

Cherry and cola are ok. I will keep getting them for the same reason i get sprite zero - the not good taste makes me drink less pop.