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Costo USA TV Warranty for Canadians

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  • Nov 26th, 2017 9:04 pm
Jan 21, 2007
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Costo USA TV Warranty for Canadians

Thinking of purchasing a TV at Costco.COM (US). Will the extended warranty be valid in Canada? Anyone with any experience with this?
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Feb 7, 2017
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General info...

Buying electronics, tech & appliances in America is often cheaper, but also a crap shoot.

Many Cdn equivalents (be it a Store or Manufacturer) will not recognize / uphold the warranty... so then you are left with the hassle of dealing with the American side of things, while all the while being a Resident here on this side of the border
(Read warranty fine print... some actually say US RESIDENT)

Add in the whole rigmarole that is needed if you have to get replacement parts or service as it pertains to US / Canada Customs, and well as attractive as pricing is... if the item is neither low end (disposable) or high end (an investment) ... then it may not be worth it

CBSA Memorandum - Warranty Repairs OR Replacement
CBSA D8-2-26 = ... 6-eng.html ... 10-eng.pdf