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Feb 15, 2018
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Hi, I am new to this site. Just a brief about me. I am 42 years old and have a special need son. Back home I was working with EY left job and got married. Now since my son is special need I was not able to pursure CGA (those days) and now since he is better now things have changed a lot of bad. I got my assessment done 2 times. first time I got exemption for module 1,2,3,4 and challenge exam for module 6 was granted. Now I couldnt do anything that year coz I was taking care of my son. Next year when I got my reassessment done they took my exemption out and now want me to start from module 5 again. Since I have masters degree I felt really ridiculous and the person who did my assessment was bit rude to me. fearing that they might take out of program if i demand so much i remained quiet. Now I started my program with NAIT from Module 5. I went to Lunch with Pro today and got to know that PREP is much easier and faster with CPA than in NAIT. Can someone advice me on this? Is it possible for someone to share some notes of PREP if you have any? Also can I argue with CPA about my assessment again? Will they take me out of program if I do that? Can I meet them personally? Any guidance or help is deeply appreciated.
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welcome to the nightmare that is CPA. they won't remove you cpa from candidacy because you don't agree with them, but they operate in such a way that a monopoly does that you have no choice or say. They charge exuberant fees on the most trivial things and take forever to get any administration paperwork back to you. I went all the way to the director of education and her response to anything i asked about was 'oh well i wont do anything about it'

Their courses are pretty quick burn (2 months for a PREP course) and the cost is reasonable. My suggest is take a look at Athabasca as i did most of my prep courses through there. Take a look at the transfer credit through CPA Alberta's website (all provincial bodies accept other provincial bodies transfer programs equally) to see which courses you need to take. The courses that are one to one transfer, take through AU. Their assignments are easier and they actually give you feedback not just some generic grade.
Courses that take two of any university/college for one CPA module, take directly through CPA for efficiency, like the TAX or intermediate/advanced accounting.

CPA administration is hell to deal with, good luck. and no, there are no people you can meet with, just a shadowy organization that takes your money for a piece of paper
Feb 15, 2018
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I agree with you. Now they told me to submit reassessment again with the fees. I am thinking to take all the courses from CPA PREP. Why do you suggest AU? Is CPA PREP tought.. But each module gets over in just 6 months in CPA PREP. Please guide further. Also I am sending you a PM. Please response
Sep 2, 2014
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I would definitely recommend CPA prep unless a school offers it cheaper or lets you do it faster. I only took two(tax and one of the accounting ones) and found them easy and quick. They provided decent notes to follow and I would say a day or two of review before the exam is more than enough for each course.
May 4, 2018
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Hi there, read that you took TAX through CPA. Just wondering when you took it and if you could expand on your experience? I’m worried because it combines both personal and corporate into 8 weeks. Did you do the online, webinar or lecture version? I have a personal tax credit from my undergrad way back but not corporate and I’m wondering if I can do corporate through Athabasca or just do the whole module through CPA?
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i had a post regarding this already so i won't write my story again. Went through hell with them, even emailed the CEO of CPA Canada and it was no use. Had to do a reassessment and basically start from where they tell you to. The assessment people most of the time had no clue what they are doing, you have to drill them and ask them tough questions before they will go look for the answer. You can't meet them personally but you can call them but they are pretty clueless and will say they will get back to you.
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