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Nov 21, 2003
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What is your current situation? Are you a student or already working in accounting? Are you planning to move to the US?

If moving to US:
Many applicants already have the CPA when they apply for a job at a firm. It is definitely a good asset to have it ahead of time.

If staying in Canada:
- if you're a student, get the CA - which means completing the required courses and finding a job with a firm.
- if already in accounting, the usefulness of the CPA depends on your particular job. IMO, very few jobs in Canada require or benefit from a CPA.
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May 21, 2005
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I am a student and will be graduating this fall.

In Quebec, we need to pass a mandatory French test in order to get any professional designation. Since I only speak English, I decided to go for CPA first.

For the CA program in QC, it takes about another 18 months full time study before you can take the UFE exam. I need to have a job right after my graduation in order to support myself for further advancement.

Also I found that CPA is one of the least expensive to pursue.
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Nov 21, 2003
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If you don't speak French, why not move out of Quebec?

What was your major? Have you completed the required number of accounting courses for CA?

I have never heard of the CPA being an alternative to the CA for working in Canada. I'm sure the CPA has requirements for number of accounting courses needed, as well as work experience requirements.

I strongly suggest you try to find a job at a CA firm. The CA process is that you find a job FIRST, then write the exams. The Big 4 firms completed their Sept 2006 recruiting this past November, but you can still find jobs with small firms. This assumes you will have completed the required accounting courses.