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creating low sized video with high quality audio

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Nov 3, 2007
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creating low sized video with high quality audio

I'm trying to upload some mp3 audio files to youtube. Since youtube only accepts video+audio, I've been using Adobe Premier to create a video consisting of just a static low res image along with the audio, and setting the video resolution at a low 640x480. The audio file alone is around 100mb, and after recreating it as the 640x480 video the size has grown to around 500mb.

Can someone recommend the best way to create a video file containing the audio, without adding significantly to the size? I am using a static image so there is no movement or change at all in the video, so I'm thinking there must be a better way.
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Jun 24, 2005
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Richmond Hill
Use the H.264 (x264) video codec and reduce the bitrate and framerate for the video.