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Credit Card Warranties - Actual Experiences?

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  • Sep 15th, 2010 9:23 pm
Jan 27, 2010
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dealman5 wrote: I have a buddy that bought a new leather jacket and it was stolen at the bar and visa credited him back the full amount. Also my bro bought new windows and he accidently broke one and they credited him.
+1 on Visa, if your account is in good standing, their customer service is great.
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Nov 18, 2005
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TrevorK wrote: Out of curiousity, did you have to go to a computer store to get a "repair bill" to send them? And what kind of hassle was involved in that (Since I assume they'd want to charge you)?
I called a computer repair place called OnSite that comes to your house. So they came, had a look, told me how much it would be and then took it away to fix it. They returned it with the bill which I submitted.

However, the warranty company said I could have submitted a bill or an estimate. So in hindsight I MIGHT have been able to submit the estimate and then do it myself. Not sure if they would have charged to give an estimate. I think I read that BB charges $40.
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Feb 26, 2003
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gnihuis wrote: I've used the RBC warranty about 4 times now. As long as I have the receipt and get a repair estimate, it's always paid out. Here's the process:

Phone RBC Insurance to get a claim number.
They will mail you the claim form.
Fill in claim form and attach receipt, manufacturers warranty info and repair estimate.
Mail back to RBC Insurance.
Wait for refund cheque.
Pretty much the same for me, but it was a ruined jacket. Had to send them the jacket but got a cheque shortly after sending it in.
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May 19, 2004
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richardvoyageur wrote: I used the "assurance" portion of my Citibank Driver's Edge Platinum Mastercard when my wife's Zune got stolen from her car last summer.

They needed a police report ($32), copy of receipt and copy of statement with amount on it. I sent all three and they sent me a check for $150. Easy as pie, I was pretty happy.

I have also used the price assurance on a pair of Merrell shoes that went on sale a couple of weeks after I bought them. Sent in the AD as well as my original receipt and they sent me $20.
so only that card has the price protection if it goes on sale and not other visas?
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Oct 27, 2007
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My experience was with Amex about 2 years ago. So forgive me if I faulter on specifics.
My DVD recorder started acting up about a 16 months after I bought it. I called Amex and they either gave me the phone number of the insurance company that overrides the claims or maybe even they send me the forms directly (sorry dont' remember). All the forms were were just asking about what the product, model number, and state the nature of the problem. I also had to send the insurance company a photocopy of the warrany informaiton, a copy of my bill and a copy of the credit card statment showing the purchase. Eventually they emailed me ( I never spoke to a live person) telling me to send my DVD recorder to their authorized repair facility in Whitby to "authorize" the nature of the problem. I emailed them back asking if they would pay for the shipping and they replied no they did not but they would cover the cost of shipping it back to me IF a problem was found. I bought the DVDplayer fro 149 bucks and thought it was stupid to ship the item at my own cost just so they could verify that it didn't work. Long story short: I left it for a few months until I find a friend who actually lived in Whitby and volunteered to take it there for me. From that point on, I had to email the insurance company a few times to ask what was going on (must have been in the span of a month) and I finally got a reply indicating that it could not be repaired so it would be replaced. I waited again, emailed again and then finally I got a call from someone at...the insurance company who was somehow affiliated with Future Shop...or maybe it was someone at Future Shop that was affiliated with the insurance company. Anyway, once on the phone, he discussed my options: either get a new one of the same model from either Best Buy or Future Shop (I originally bought it from Best Buy) or if I wanted to get something else and just pay the differnce I could do that too.
Except for the fact that they expected me to ship the item to their facilities in Whitby....I was satified with the service.
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Feb 17, 2007
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Mort Réal
About 9 years ago I had purchased a pair of RayBan sunglasses and went on a business trip in Calgary. I had to get involve in a fight (guy attacking a girl on the street) and my sunglasses got smashed in the process.

Simply filed a form and the ourchase receipt for the sunglasses and got a cheque for the purchase amount a few weeks later. There was no police report requested. I think they asked if I had it but I said no, police was not involved. Pretty efficient actually. I think I was using an AMEX back then.

Haven't had a "chance" to try my current CCs programs.
Feb 19, 2005
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Well -- my laptop's nVidia 9600 GS card died on me, and it was outside of Dell's Extended Warranty by about.. oh, a month.

I left it alone and did what I could with it (without a functional video card) but after searching on forums off this Internets, I came across a post that mentioned that one can claim the extended warranty through your CC.

I tried to do so with PC Financial Mastercard, most unfortunately it seems that there is a stipulation in their policy that I learned about after calling their Claims department. Motor vehicles, refurbed stuff, and lastly, Computer hardware and software are excluded.

I am very disappointed. While I enjoy collecting points on PC Financial -- I'll remember to swap over to another CC for 'important' items. Maybe RBC by the sounds of this thread?
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Nov 11, 2008
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My friend purchased a laptop from bestbuy and 1.5 years later, it started to die.

Visa needed him to get an estimate on what needs to be fixed and get it working again.

So being the computer technician at the time at a large store, I wrote him up an invoice indicating the labour required, parts cost and the total ended up to be about $1150 (with taxes) (no jokes, no scams). He bought the laptop for $999 + tax. Visa refunded him total purchase price, but they requested the laptop to be sent in.

That was it.
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May 19, 2004
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thats great. not a lot of people are aware of this and lost/stolen items coverage on credit cards


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