CRM (Canadian Risk Management) designation

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Aug 11, 2013
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CRM (Canadian Risk Management) designation

I am in audit and thinking of moving to risk management. I started seeing more risk job postings mentioning this cert and I haven't really heard about this until recently.

It appears that for some gov jobs, it is actually required. I did look into it and it seems quite expensive cert to get.

You need to take 3 courses ($1,000 per course) and pass 3 separate exams ($175 US per exam). In addition, if I plan to take one course at a time (since working full time), it will take almost a year. I am aware that there is FRM, but it is for finance/banking industry, which I am not interested.

Just wondering if CRM would be worth getting it? Can anyone who has done it share their experience? How has it helped their career? and how it is viewed by employers etc?