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Cross border phone plan

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Cross border phone plan

Hi all, looking for advice.

Currently 1 year into a 2-year contract with Rogers for the family. We have 9 GB shared and unlimited calling/text to Canada+US for 2 lines, paying about $170 before tax. Need the Canada+US plan since we have family Stateside and go there quite often (8-10x per year for 4-5 days each).

We'll be going to the US even more now (work and personal) - and I'm considering just buying a plan from a US carrier. I've heard that there are triggers for a certain # of days that must be spent in the US. Is this true?

Would appreciate input from someone in a similar situation. Thanks!
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Great info here:


Depends on the carrier but some (like AT&T) don't kick you off or require you to only roam X # of days.

Given you are traveling back and forth from Canada to US, you'll break that roaming consistently for # of days anyways.

Definitely pick up a US plan...cheaper with more GBs. Only thing is that you'll have a US#.....and would have to forward your Cdn# to your US#.

Or use a dual sim phone...

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