Cross-Listed Stocks and Canadian Opening Prices

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Jul 8, 2013
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Cross-Listed Stocks and Canadian Opening Prices

I observed different opening prices for the same security, why would that be?

Example: SHOP (Canada) opened at $1361 when SHOP (USA) opened at $1055.

1. Taking account into currency rate, SHOP was $40-50 cheaper on the Canadian side than the US side. Why would that be?

2. Since Canada does not have any premarket trading, will the opening price be based out of the premarket trading price of SHOP in USA?

3. What if a Canadian stock does not have a cross-listed stock, how will I know what the opening price will be since there is no premarket trading?

4. Does Canada have a futures stock? Reuters always says "this stock will go up due to oil going up", is there a Oil futures stock that is tracked in Canadian market?