Cross-shopping Honda Ridgeline & Rivian R1T

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  • Aug 13th, 2021 9:14 am
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Andy34 wrote: Because you can input some reasonable assumptions based on what is released about the vehicles (i.e. battery size vs range to calculate approximate efficiency). The biggest factors are the users local costs - fuel, electricity, mileage and usage.

It's going to be wrong whatever you do, even after release - no one can accurately predict future energy prices or specific repair costs - but at least it gives you an idea of the costs involved.
I guess as long as people realize the data is wrong, and have no expectations, lol
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Jul 6, 2005
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Andy34 wrote: Unfortunately most of the online calculators are rather opaque and don't let you put your own information in. I made a spreadsheet for comparison between the ICE F-150 and the Lightning last month. The link no longer works, but I'll upload it again when I get home if you're interested.


Realistically though, you're extremely unlikely to get that cost back in any realistic timeframe. Assume a saving of in the region of $10-15k over the first 5 years (assuming average use) and probably a bit more over the next 5 years (due to more drivetrain maintenance on the ICE).

They're quite different vehicles at the end of the day though, so if you really want an R1T and can afford it then...
Thanks for the great feedback everyone. And an even better thanks for keeping this thread on topic. I know EV vs ICE can be quite a polarizing subject, but I think we can continue discuss this rather maturely.

@Andy34 if you wouldn't mind uploading/sharing your calculator once again, that would be greatly appreciated.

The F150 lightening is not completely out of the running, it's just that for an EV, I'd rather have it parked inside my insulated garage during the winter. If it has to be outside, then so be it. I do have a feeling that the F150 would be cheaper than the R1T anyways.

Definitely lots to think about. It may very well be the case of buying the Ridgeline now and then flipping it a few years down the road before depreciation really kicks in. As noted above, the Ridgelines do hold their value very well in the used market; and then I can reassess if the Rivian is still a major player in the truck market and how they responded to the growing pains of a new manufacturer with a new vehicle. Surely, with Ford launching their EV pickup truck and Tesla as well, it's only a matter of time before we see offerings from GMC, Ram, etc that will be healthy competition for the market overall.
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Gutty96 wrote: Are there any potential environmental impacts to the manufacturing and disposal of the batteries used in EVs?
Yes but you would think they are developing tech to deal with that over time. At least the global warming is more of an immediate concern. Not going to argue about cost saving as I know it doesn't work unless you drive a lot. But everyday you hear these climate change and global warming, so every little things we do will help. At least I think our education is helping as my young son has this mindset on things he does.