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Crown range hood

Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a new range hood to replace my builder installed cheap Broan range hood, we use Samsung Gas range which has total 57,000 BTU.

So far my research showed that I should stick with minimum 570 CFM fan and I’ve found Crown range hoods to be the best bang for your buck. I’ve narrowed my research down to few crown models which are available at Reno shop. I’m based out of Edmonton and Reno shop is in Ontario, I will call them tomorrow to inquire about shipping/warranty all the stuff.

I wanted to know your personal experiences with crown range hood and if you’ve needed any parts/service, whom did you contact? Below are the links posted for the ones I’m looking at.

https://renoshop.ca/collections/under-m ... 2128772229

https://renoshop.ca/collections/under-m ... 2053143685

https://renoshop.ca/collections/under-m ... 2101378181

https://renoshop.ca/collections/under-m ... 1891990661

My cut out is rectangle and I want to stick with top vent rectangular style if possible, don’t want to do any modifications to my cabinetry. We cook lots of Asian cuisine food so would prefer something that has higher CFM but don’t want to go too loud.

Thanks for your input in advance.

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