Cuba private accomodations: Other than hotel/hostel/Casa Particular?

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  • Oct 1st, 2012 8:56 pm
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Cuba private accomodations: Other than hotel/hostel/Casa Particular?

Cuba is incredibly cheap to live. Everything except the ripoff prices of the Casa Particular places controlled by the government. I'm curious if anyone has been able to rent a room from a private person (without getting them in trouble) anywhere in the country? $25 per night for the Casa Particular is about as much as a doctor makes there in about 2 weeks. Its ridiculous. So many penniless people there. Surely someone wants some money?

Now I don't want them to risk losing their homes or a massive fine.
If its impossible to give them money could one tutor their kids or them I wonder? Teach them something? Bring down a laptop and teach them something computer related? Then no money is being exchanged. I wonder what people do when they come to visit friends and stay for a few months. Do they get a permit from the government? Could one suddenly become a friend of someone and could they do that?

There's got to be a better way than spending the equivalent of about $5000 a night in Canadian currency by their salary standards for a simple room. :) Actually doctors here probably clear a lot more than $10000 a month now.

If one could solve the accommodation problems in Cuba it would probably be the cheapest place to stay or retire in this hemisphere. 1 month there would equal about 12 in Canada. Ever seen food market prices there? Do a Google Image search for Cuba markets and look at the prices. Lots of fruit was like 2 cents each. Big papayas were about 25 cents as I remember. Insane. And lots of it is organic as they can't afford the pesticides. How sweet. Stunning beaches, incredible diving, great music and dancing scene, friendly people, low crime....what's not to love? Oh yeah....that government. :)
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I don't know much about the topic, but it may be wise to speak with the Cuban office in Canada if intending to stay in a private residence. ... p?id=69000

Travellers intending to stay at a private residence or do business while in Cuba should check with the Cuban government office in Canada prior to their departure.

Staying with cubans is not covered under the usual "tourst card" that gets included in your AI fees. You could try and make some friends next time you go down there. Some extra clothes, sewing supplies, makeup, and basic school supplies are either unavailible or expensive. Giving these items to locals outside of Varadero will earn you some genuine thanks and maybe even an invite for dinner.

Bonus is most speak pretty good English.