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Custom built PC for VR

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  • Oct 6th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Custom built PC for VR

Hi all,

I am thinking about doing a custom built PC that can handle virtual reality systems.

I've heard trying to 'future proof' is not worth it but if I am looking to spend $1000-$2000 what parts should I buy?

What parts should I wait until black friday to buy?

Also, I am going to the US for black friday --- is it worth it to buy parts there?

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May 22, 2005
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Let me spend your money lol

I have a GTX1080Ti for VR, works great, but it lags only in Project Cars because I only have an i5 4570. Otherwise 90fps in the Rift is fantastic. It's overkill, but you have the budget, so why not haha

What kind of VR games are you looking to play?
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HTC Vive is double the price of the Oculus Rift. You could spend $1200 just on the gear. Then you still need a 1080 card and a decent PC. That $2000 doesn't seem like a lot.
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Nov 15, 2011
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The i5 8400 is looking like a gaming monster. I'd wait for that CPU to become available and build around it if I was going for a new system in the near future. 6 Intel Coffee Lake cores and turbos up to 4GHz, at the same price as the current i5 7500. ... al-numbers

Have a look at this AT review - i5 8400 is often leading the pack, even faster than the new 8700K in some cases.

For a GPU, I'd go with a 1070 or 1080. 1060/RX 580 is the "minimum" GPU needed for VR today, so you're going to want to go a step or two up from that. I don't think a 1080 Ti is worth the price if you need to fit the VR gear and computer system into your $1-2K budget.