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Jul 15, 2002
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When I worked at Yonge & Eglinton, I used to go to Grazie all the time. Food is AMAZING and a lot of corp executives like to eat there for lunch(thanks dad :) ). The food there is excellent and the service is great too considering how busy it gets..
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Mar 10, 2004
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eelfliw wrote:I'm pretty happy with ESM @ Sherway. Service is great and food is tasty. Haven't been to the locations you've mentioned, though.
Went to the Sherway Gdns ESM last night - service was too good - the darn waiter kept hovering around out table - I literally still had the bones from my last mouthful of my "spit roasted chicken" in my mouth as he scooped my empty plate up. :D

One good deal we figured out while we were there - they have an offer of a free Cineplex movie pass (It's actually a pay one adult admission get one free) and a free Mario's glass - with every $25 gift certificate purchased. Since we were eating there last night anyway - I bought two $25 gift certificates - got the freebies and paid my bill with the gift certificates. :cheesygri
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Aug 24, 2003
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East side marios is to Italians what Madarin is to the Chinese.

That place is vile - and I'm not italian. And Boston Pizza is right up there... to be quite honest I think all these franchises are horrible - Kelsey's, Casey's etc ... The worst however is Mother Tuckers - how that place stays in business is beyond me...
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Nov 30, 2003
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actng wrote:the one at Eglinton and Pharmacy is not bad.
I've only been to an ESM once, at that location; I was so sick, I couldn't walk for a week and spent days at a time voiding at both ends in my washroom.
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Dec 13, 2004
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several people i know who went to the boston pizza at warden and steeles got bad food poisoning from the chicken. I tried a little once and got a mild stomach ache.

but the one at markham and high glen? or was is denison? anyway, that one was great. would go there again
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Oct 25, 2002
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prof_frink wrote:The worst however is Mother Tuckers - how that place stays in business is beyond me...
I have to agree with you there. So pricey with so little selection. I only went there cause a buddy want to go there for his birthday dinner.