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  • Dec 20th, 2004 1:04 pm
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May 12, 2004
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Richmond Hill
thats because the waiters get paid $6/hr and they need tips to survive. that really has nothing to do with management. but i agree, restaurants like jack astors are horrible now. their quality in food is just get down--way down. And ppl complain about mcdonalds. personally i'll take the new blt deli sandwiches over jack astors any day
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Nov 29, 2003
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earlier this week i went to a jack astor's, after not going there for over a year, and was really hesitant about the changes in the menu.

yes, the menu is shorter, but i must say that i like the changes. i think they're trying to make it more adult-friendly. for example, their roadkill sandwich was renamed cajun chicken sandwich, which is more appealing to me.

but i do agree with the stir-fry thing. i would never order a stir-fry from a place like jack astor's or any chain restaurant for that matter.

either way, it was great food and great service, and i'm looking forward to trying their new desserts... white chocolate macadamia nut cookie cup anyone?
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Apr 2, 2004
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pauline9_2000 wrote: ... but i do agree with the stir-fry thing. i would never order a stir-fry from a place like jack astor's or any chain restaurant for that matter ...
I know what you mean about the stir fry thing. I usually end up ordering it anyway because there is so little in the way of vegetarian friendly dishes at places like Jack Astor's. Unfortunately when other people choose the restaurant ... well, not much I can do about it.
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Nov 24, 2002
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Haha! That's hilarious that his thread was recently started...

I was a Jack Astor's yesterday for the first time in about a year. The first thing that struck me was the new menu. I also noticed the change in the selection of food... I remember them offering a lot more than what they currently do. I wanted some pasta, but was left with a lot of alternatives. What's with the "Asian Influence" selection? Honestly, do I really want noodles with teriyaki chicken from Jack Astor's? What a disappointment that was... :rolleyes:

Jan 1, 2004
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I agree. Jack Astors USED to be a good place to go and eat. Now, not so much.

Damn you SIR Corp (The people that run JA). They also took out the Armadillo in Burlington and replaced it with a Canyon Creek. They should have taken out the JA instead.
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Aug 24, 2003
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Jack astors is vile. That's another one of my list of franchise restaurants that suck.

These are the days I miss lime rickeys.