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Damping sound transfer through floors and vents?? Blueskin vents?!

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Nov 25, 2018
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Damping sound transfer through floors and vents?? Blueskin vents?!

So, I just bought a house and am renovating the basement into a rental unit. Installed two layers of "Safe & Sound" rockwool insulation into the ceiling of basement bedroom, and then drywalled it. Did a sound test, and sound is still transferring significantly between floors. Clear enough to hear a semi loud radio word for word.

Now, the downstairs bedroom unfortunately is constructed with hollow walls and wallboard. There is also a massive bulkhead running along one side of the ceiling for ventilation, which was also constructed with wallboard and a ton of empty space. I opened this up and will be, at the minimum, insulating it and drywalling as well, as well as insulating and drywalling the internal walls.

However, it occurred to me, what if i tried to apply something to the vents to further absorb and deaden sound, like blueskin? I dont anticipating having another shot at doing this any time soon, so i really want to get it right before closing up the walls, however for a variety of reasons i'm pretty constrained on time and money....

Thoughts? suggestions? Thanks
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Dec 6, 2020
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See this site for more than you probably ever wanted to know about sound isolation. TDLR: It's going to be expensive to get right.

There probably isn't much you can do with sound transmission through HVAC ducting without major work to install flex duct in S or U loops, or installing an independent heating system for the rental suite.

Incidentally, check your local requirements for basement suites. The ceiling may need to be fire-rated, which will likely involve type-X drywall and could involve such things as having fire dampers installed in the air ducts. Figure this out before you close up the ceiling.


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