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Dates of Ontario Stay-at-Home Orders (for tax calculation)

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  • Apr 30th, 2022 1:11 pm
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Jul 21, 2017
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Dates of Ontario Stay-at-Home Orders (for tax calculation)

Hi everyone,
I moved back and forth between working from home and on-site so many times in year 2021 I lost track of dates. Now I need to claim tax credit but I have no idea how many days to claim.

Can anyone share the dates of Stay-at-Home orders in Ontario so that I can go through my email to determine the days? Thanks.

Edit: As per going through news articles, these were as follows. Is that right?
14 Jan to 07 March Stay-at-Home orders
08 March to 07 April Gray lockdown in Toronto
08 April to 02 June Stay-at-Home orders
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Jul 8, 2018
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If you have an Android phone, you can probably check Google Maps and look at your "timeline" to see which days you were physically present at the office, since it would show up on the map.


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